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Case Study Gro-Connect

Gro-Connect – Creating Wholesale Marketplace for Farm-To-Table Organic Produce

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Food
Country United States

Gro-Connect is an agriculture e-commerce site for wholesale purchases. Gro-connect offers fresh fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price. We all know that the demand for high-quality fruits and vegetables is high.

Everybody is getting fitness conscious these days, So in order to maintain their health, customers need good quality food.


Most people avoid pitfalls when it comes to food products. During the cycle, we see every year recessions, climate change, inflation, shortage, etc., and this cycle affects consumers.

Gro-connect helps consumers to avoid such risks. It helps the distributors to sell their products at the wholesale level.


Gro-connect has come up with an easy setup for distributors. Just simply create your account and select whether you are a distributor or a customer and you are good to go.

They are different from their competitors, they don’t own any wholesale company. They simply tried to help other distributors to sell their products.


Agriculture market: wholesale and retail services

In recent years e-commerce is growing rapidly in the world. With a unique industry, Gro-connect wants to grow rapidly in the e-commerce market.

With the use of technology, there are many more businesses with whom Gro-connect is ready to compete. Those online retail businesses are InstaCart, Peapod, Doordash, and Kroger.

The agricultural industry contributed $1.055 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020, a 5.0 per cent share. The output of America’s farms contributed $134.7 billion of this sum—about 0.6 per cent of GDP as per the USDA article.

As we know this industry is growing massively and we believe somehow it supports the real state industry as well. As farmers are investing in lands to grow fruits and veggies. The increasing rate of the agriculture market leads to the high demand for food products.

Hence, Gro-connect wants to provide a platform to every vendor. So that, they can sell their product online easily.

Why agriculture market need to be online?

As we all know today’s era is a tech era. In today’s world, everybody is supporting technology. Every customer wants convenience when it comes to shopping. Nobody wants that for every product he/she has to visit the store personally.


It becomes very important for any distributor to take his/her store online so every customer can buy products from their houses.

An online farm product store is more convenient for any household customer to do shopping. Users can rely on the online platform to find any information from any source.

How does Webkul help Gro-connect?

Gro Connect spent weeks processing options and selected the Webkul team based on responses and reviews. Lee Seward, CEO of, wanted to connect as many users as he can on his existing online platform. But more users, it leads to a delay in the timing or creates several other problems on any website.

Their online platform is WooCommerce-based, the most popular open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is specially designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. It is very easy to use as it makes creating and managing an online store simple.

Webkul provided Gro Connect custom marketplace development solutions including WooCommerce mobile apps for Andriod and iOS platforms, online payment gateway integration with Stripe, and several other B2B features for the wholesalers and suppliers.

Scalable Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution

Webkul helped Gro-Connet to convert their simple WooCommerce website into a scalable multi-vendor platform. It has now the capability to handle multiple distributors with separate profiles.


It further allows distributors to have separate panels, where they can add products and manage their online orders. Although the marketplace has several features built into it. It is also an open-code white label solution, allowing developers to modify and implement many custom changes.

“Our previous software had limitations both in expansion capabilities and operational overloading. We wanted freedom to expand and customize so we can service our members properly. Gro-connect believe strongly that problems are avoidable in most situations but not obsolete. We are proactive over being reactive and we found Mobikul to operate under the same ethos. I highly recommend them for any size project both big and small.”- Lee Seward.

Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution is globally known as the class-leading solution to build any type of online marketplace. Be it grocery marketplace, hyperlocal, fashion, apparel, retail, digital products, or B2B commerce, it is applicable for all types of industries.

Mobile app development

In order to create a more convenient infrastructure for their online store, businesses have come up with mobile apps. With mobile applications, sellers can easily manage their products through mobile.

Gro-connect wanted a mobile app by which customers can buy their products from their mobile. Webkul provided Multi-Vendor Mobile App for WooCommerce. It helps to convert any Webkul multi-vendor marketplace to a mobile app. Now all the customers can buy the product through their smartphones.

Multi-Vendor Stripe Payment

Stripe is one of the most secure and fast payment gateway around the globe. It is trusted by many other users around the world. It is an Irish-American company providing payment processing software and APIs for e-commerce sites and mobile apps.

Gro Connect

It allows people to accept payments from all around the world for their e-commerce store. Webkul team integrated WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe payment into the Gro Connect platform.

WooCommerce Marketplace Quote System

Now distributors can allow their customers to quote their products. By which retailers can send a quotation request for the products, and buy products in bulk quantity.

Gro Connect

Delivering outcomes beyond expectations

We had at the minimum 10 developers working at all hours of the day along with a sales manager who oversaw the sales as well as development tasks and also had a manager of the development team as well. With the amount of time and contingencies, the team was diligent and effective, delivering sooner than expected with tested results.

“Our project was time of the essence. The project was challenging as a custom operation and Mobikul delivered. with the amount of staff assigned to our project the communication and oversight was effective and efficient for us and I assume for them as well. “

“Typical companies have customers deal with sales staff and then pass them along to never speak again. Mobikul Sales Manager who sold us the products and services answered our messages 24 hours a day even once we were in Development.”

“The operations, attention to detail, high-end service provided is unique and white glove. You can expect attention and detail to the customers needs. Truly Proactive and Positive!” – Lee Seward – Founder and CEO at

Our software and operations are proprietary, however, we requested custom software solutions including APIs and Development customized to allow expansions and handle hundred thousands of users without compromising speed or durability. The results provided were above our expectations both in deliverability timeline as well as operation. They are a top-notch company with many resources and a company we feel honored to work with again!
Lee Seward
Founder and CEO, Gro-Connect
United States
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