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Case Study Sapori Del Sud

Sapori del Sud – Online Age Verification to Comply with Laws and Create Safe Online Experience

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Food
Country Netherlands

Sapori del Sud is a Dutch company that specializes in importing authentic Italian food products from Italy to the Netherlands. With a strong emphasis on artisanal offerings from Southern Italy, they have been providing a wide range of high-quality Italian products since 2010.

Initially operating as a wholesale business, Sapori del Sud expanded its operations to include retail sales in early 2020, allowing customers to directly access the finest Italian ingredients for their home cooking.


However, one of the challenges that Sapori del Sud faced was how to comply with local laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol and wine products to minors.

Online Age Verification

Sapori del Sud needed a way to verify the age of users before they could visit their online store or view alcoholic beverage listings such as wines and beers.

online age verification

They wanted to protect minors from these products and create a safe and positive online experience for everyone.

Magento 2 Age Verification

Sapori del Sud website is built on the Adobe Commerce platform, so the client decided to use the Magento 2 Age Verification by Webkul. This allows the web store to verify the age of users before they can access the website.

online age verification

The age verification extension also enables Sapori del Sud to customize the age verification popup to meet their specific needs.


Such as displaying the age verification popup on selected web pages, products or category pages, or the homepage.

Why Age Verification is Useful?

The Magento 2 Age Verification has provided a number of benefits for Sapori del Sud, including:


The Magento 2 Age Verification has been a valuable feature for the Sapori del Sud website. It has helped them to comply with local laws, protect their customers, and create a safe and positive online experience. If you are a business that sells alcohol or tobacco or other harmful related products, age verification is a must for your online web store. It is also a very simple and effective way to comply with local laws and prevent the sale of products to underage customers.

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