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    B2B Multi-Step Checkout

    Updated 17 November 2022

    B2B Multi-Step Checkout is proven to be the most useful feature for the checkout process because of its custom checkout page. The checkout process must be the most attractive and convenient page in order to provide the best experience.

    B2B Multi-Step Checkout

    Introduction to Multiple Steps Checkout

    Before moving forward it is really important to know that precise information about the multi-step checkout.

    Actually, a multi-step checkout feature allows store owners to create various checkout steps for the customers. These can easily get ready and displayed in the checkout process.

    Moreover, this is indeed a clear way to attract more and more customers to the store as they are going to get a convenient checkout process.

    In custom checkout steps, we basically customize the regular checkout process by adding some additional checkout processes.

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    Checkout Management

    Further, it must strike one’s mind how the process of creating the custom steps and managing them is done. Genuinely it is a tremendously easy task to do.

    Once the store owner has this feature, they can perform many actions in order to manage the checkout process. Some of them are present in the below topics:

    Design and Define Your Checkout process

    The store owner can actually design the checkout steps by adding the custom details/ fields that will be filled by the customers when they make the checkout process.

    Further, the store owners can actually manage the custom steps by giving a particular sort of order by which they will appear in the front end.

    The store owners can create the custom steps, by providing details like name, Sort order and custom options for the steps.


    The store owners can also Enable or Disable custom options. It is not mandatory to Enable all the custom steps that the owner creates, only Enabled checkout steps

    Multiple Option Types Available

    The store owners can create custom fields at checkout. There are no restrictions to using any specific option type. Some of the types are visible in the image below:


    This makes the store owners add checkout steps of any kind like they can add any form, any details box, any toggle, or a checkbox to create the custom steps.

    Take Actions Against the Custom Steps

    The store owners can not only add or edit the steps, but they can also manage the steps.

    The store owner can Enable, Disable, and Delete the steps in bulk just in a single click. For this, the admin will select the custom steps and then they will apply the desired action.

    Focus Industries Of B2B Multi-Step Checkout

    Most of the modules nowadays are not so adaptive that they will be used in all industries. But the custom checkout step is a feature which can be fit in any kind of industry depending on the product.

    Whether it is Fashion, Grocery, Food, Restaurant, Booking, Travel, etc any kind of industry this feature will always enhance and upgrade the regular checkout process your customers are experiencing for so long.

    Being a store owner, one should assist customers more than their needs. If we talk about the fashion industry, in that at checkout time we can ask the customer’s about their favourite trend and stuff.

    It is clear that every industry can add this feature as per their convenience and demand of the industry.

    How This Will Upgrade Your Business

    Industries always seek big ways to manage the store ranking but it is actually happening by the small features. When small and convenient features are added to your stores then it becomes easier to connect with customers.

    Capture Customer Information

    With this feature, one can capture and store customer information in order to provide them with better assistance.

    Better Customer Satisfaction

    Once the checkouts are in this amazing way, then they feel to come there again and again to get the same level of assistance. So, this will lead to better customer satisfaction.

    That’s all for the B2B Multi-Step Checkout. Still, if you face any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

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