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Ask a Question for Shopify: Workflow

Updated 23 January 2020

Customers always want to have a hassle-free online Shopping experience. So, don’t You think it’s a great idea to provide an Option to clear Your customer’s doubts even before they purchase Products from Your Store? If Yes, then Ask a Question app will help You with it.

With Ask a Question for Shopify App, admin can allow his customers to ask their queries related to any product and let them clear their doubts about the products.

Additionally, with the FAQ Feature, admin can create & display the Frequently Asked Questions on his store & let the customers know about the product even before purchasing it.

Moreover, the queries asked by the customers can be published as FAQs on Your Store’s Product Description page.

Let’s Proceed to Understand the App Flow in Detail and Install it to provide a better Shopping Experience to the Customers

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How to Install the App?

To install the Ask a Question app to Your Shopify Store,

Go to the App’s Landing Page

Enter Your Shopify Store URL and Click on Install button.

install ask a question app

Click here to install the Ask a Question App to Your Store i.e.

  • Go to Shopify App Store.
  • Find the Ask a question app.
  • Click on Add App button.

Approve the app Charges and add it to Your Shopify Store.
Choose any of the above ways to install the app.

Workflow: Admin End

As soon as You install the app to Your Shopify Store, the app will get listed in the Apps Section of Your Shopify Store like this:

Ask a Question App

Clicking on the App, You will be straightaway redirected to the Home Page of the App where You will get all the menus listed in the App.

App home page

From General Configuration section of the app, You can configure the General Details of Your Store.

General Configuration

Configure Your Shop URL and Your Business Email Address from here. At the same time, You can Upload a Logo for Your Shop.

Once done, Click the Save button.

General Configuration

Now, to make this feature work for Your customers, first You need to configure Your Store’s Frontend by adding the codes into their respective liquid files using these steps:

Login to Admin’s Shopify Store.
Click on Online Stores.
Go to the Themes Section.
Click on Edit Code in Action menu.

The Codes will be provided to You on the Home Page of Your Store:

code pasting

Your customers will ask their queries just by clicking a “Ask a Question” button that will be displayed on the Product Pages of Your Store.

Let’s see how to show this button on Product Page.

To Display Ask a Question button:

Copy the below-given code & paste it to template/product.liquid file:

<div id="wk-askme">
  {% if customer %}
    <input id="wk-is-login" type ="hidden" value="{{ }}">
  {% endif %}

The Codes are added. Let’s see the Effect on Store’s Frontend. 

Front End View

“Ask a Question” button will get displayed like this on Your Store’s Product Page:

product page

Clicking the “Ask a Question” button, a Query Form appears on Product Page and the customer will fill this form to ask his query related to the product.

query form

Once a Customer request a query, the admin will receive a notification via Email & get to know about the customer’s query in details.

That’s how a Customer requests a query:

customer query

As soon as a customer requests a query, the admin will receive an Email.


You can also configure the Email Templates on Your Own from the Mail Configuration section of the App.

mail configuration

In the Email, You will get an Answer button. Clicking it, You will be redirected to the app where You can view a “New Questions” button on the upper-right corner of the Home Page from where You will have the idea of the number of new queries requested by the customers.

Home Page

Now, Click the New Question button, You will be reaching to the Asked Questions section where You can view the list of all the questions asked by the customers.

query details

Clicking the View button, You can view all the details of the query and answer to Your customer’s query. Also, You can update Your query Status as well as View all the Conversation history of Your customer.

pending query

Currently, this query is in the pending state. You can now Proceed to add a reply to this query and update the Status from this section of the app.

query status

Customers can View all the Queries in their My Account Section. But for this, first You need to add code from Your End to display “View Queries” button in Customer’s My Account Section.

To Display View Customer’s Query button on customer’s “My Account” Page:

Copy the below-given code & paste it to customers/account.liquid file:

<div id="wk-customer-queries">
  <input id="wk-customer-email" type ="hidden" value="{{ }}">

Now, Visiting My Account, Customer will get a “View Your Queries” button.

customer queries

Clicking the button, Customer can view the list of all the conversations done between him and the merchant.


Clicking the View button

complete details

This way, Customers can view all the conversation details from his My Account section.

If You want to translate the Frontend Labels, the same can be done from the Label Configuration section of Admin Panel.

Label Configuration

From this section of the App, You can translate the labels of Store’s Frontend on Your own. Just visit this section, change the label and click the Save button.

Configure Labels

Thus, You can Configure the Frontend Labels on Your own.

Let’s Proceed to understand the additional FAQ Feature of this app.

Additional FAQ Feature

In addition to the Queries Feature of this app, admin can also create Frequently Asked Questions and display FAQs on his store frontend.

And You can Publish Your Customer Queries as FAQ and make it visible on Your Store’s Product Description.

For this, You first need to visit the Additional Features section of the App and install the FAQ Feature to start adding FAQs:

FAQ feature

Approve the App Charge & start adding FAQs.

Approve charge

Once enabled, You can now Start publishing FAQs for any of Your Shopify Store product. Follow the Steps:

Go to Products section of Your Shopify Store Backend.
Select a Product.
Click on Publish FAQ from the drop-down menu.

publish faq

Clicking the Publish FAQ button, an Add Question form appears to You.

Select a Sequence to show this FAQ, Add a Question & an Answer and Click on Save & Publish button.


This way, FAQ is added per Product.

Later, You can edit the FAQ & disable it, if required.

FAQ added

Now, You can view the 3 dots in the App. Clicking on it, You will have two options in the drop-down menu:

Published Questions: Customer Queries that are Published as FAQ.
FAQ Design Configuration: Design the Color & Font Size of Store Frontend.


In Published Questions section, all the Published FAQs will be listed.

Clicking on Add Question button over there, You can select a product & add FAQs for that product as well.

add questions

That is how You can add FAQs for any of Your Products.

Now, Clicking the FAQ Design Configuration menu, You can change the Text Color, Font size, background color and much more.

configure design

How to Display FAQs on Store’s Product Page?

FAQs Feature:

To Display FAQs on Store’s Product Description Page:

Copy the below-given code & paste it to template/product.liquid file:

<div id="wk-askme-faq"></div>
display FAQ

That’s how You can display FAQ to Your Store’s Product description.

You can also publish Your customer queries as FAQs from the Asked Questions section of the App.


Go to the Asked Questions.
Click the View button in Action menu.
Go to the Whole Conversation history section.
Click Publish as Question & Publish as Answer.

publish as FAQs

Modify the Question & Answers as per Your Choice and click on Save & Publish.

publish FAQs

Thus, this Question-Answer has been marked as FAQ.

marked as FAQ

Customers can view the same on Your Store’s Frontend like this:


This is how Your customers can get their queries resolved related to any product even before purchasing it.

For detailed User Guide, Click Here.

Click here to Explore FAQ Feature in detail.

Check The App Demo

Refer to the Link to check the Demo of Ask a Question App:

Need Help?

If You have any query/issue with the app, feel free to write to us at [email protected] or simply create a ticket at

. . .

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