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    Ask A Question FAQ App for Shopify

    Updated 23 January 2020

    We are here with the Shopify Ask A Question FAQ Feature with which Store owner can create FAQ’s and he can also mark a question asked by the customer as FAQ now.

    Let’s understand the flow in detail.

    Shopify Ask A Question FAQ Feature: WORKFLOW

    Firstly from the additional feature section, enable the feature of the FAQ. This comes as an add-on to the already existing Ask a question app & is chargeable on the basis of 9$ per month over and above ask a question app.

    for Shopify

    Once enabled, you will view three dots and two added menu options with the name :
    -Published Question
    -FAQ design Configuration

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    for Shopify

    How to create an FAQ on any product?

    ->Firstly go to the product section of Shopify backend and choose the product you want to create an FAQ on.
    ->Now click on apps on the top right, and select the option of ‘Publish FAQ’.

    for Shopify

    Clicking on publish FAQ, you will be redirected to this page, from where you can create and publish a new FAQ, or can even enable /disable the older ones. Refer to the image below:

    for Shopify

    The published questions section will display all the questions asked by the customers and from here they can be converted into the FAQ’s as well.

    Clicking on the edit button of any question, you will be redirected so that you can edit the details of the question asked


    for Shopify

    To publish asked question as faq, you have to visit the asked question section and click on the view button of the query. There you will see the whole conversation along with the button of publishing as the FAQ.

    And the moment you will click on ‘publish as question’, a pop up will appear for you to enter the answer for that question as well and then publish it.

    for Shopify

    FAQ design configuration will enable you to change the color of various sections like background color, border color, title font, and text color and much more.


    Copy the below-given code and paste into Product-template.liquid file

    <div id="wk-askme-faq"></div>

    So this is how you can turn your customer’s query into the FAQ for your eCommerce store. For the main user’s manual click here.

    Shopify Ask A Question FAQ Feature: demo

    In case of any further query, please feel free to reach us by raising a ticket at You can even email at [email protected]

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