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    8 Must-Have Shopify Apps for Your Online store

    Updated 31 January 2020

    Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform to start an online business in a jiffy. It provides easy to use tools to set up an online store with minimal effort. As it is totally a cloud-based solution, you just need an internet connection to access it from any web browser.

    The most ultimate thing about Shopify is that it provides tons of apps to boost the features & functionalities of your Shopify store. Here is the list of some of the amazing apps that will help the merchant to drive more sales for their Shopify store:-


    It is an ultimate tool to convert an online store into a multi-seller marketplace. It enables distinctive sellers to publish their products on your marketplace & sell their brands globally under one roof.

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace
    Convert Your Shopify Store into a Fully-fledged Marketplace

    Searching for a Shopify
    Headless solution ?
    Find out More

    What are the benefits for the Merchants? 💬

    Merchant can charge Membership fee from sellers who get registered to sell their items using Seller Membership add-on.

    ◾️ Free from the hassle of managing shipment & order fulfillment. As being a merchant, you can let the sellers manage customer’s orders & keep track of the progress.

    ◾️ Multiple add-ons to enhance marketplace functionalities.

    ◾️ Integrated with Booking App & Product Auction App for Shopify.
    Create a personalized online rental marketplace or e-Auction marketplace!

    ◾️ Charge commission on each sale.

    What are the Benefits for the Sellers? 💬

    ◾️ Sellers can set their own shipping rates based on the product price or weight using Shipping add-on of the Multi-vendor Marketplace app.

    ◾️ Each seller will have a separate profile page listing all their products & related info.

    seller profile page

    Have a Global reach
    Sellers will get a platform to showcase their brand across the globe.

    Thus, by making the use of this app, you can easily boost the visibility of your website.


    Increase the likelihood of selling & provide an engaged bidding experience to the users

    Set products up for auction & entice bidders to bid on the products of their choice. The Product Auction app exactly does the same. You can easily add auction to your existing Shopify store products by setting a start & end date with an auction bidding price. Thus, the bidders will reach your website & join the auction by paying the joining fee set by the merchant.

    Customers will bid on the product of their choice & target to win the auction. The winner will be declared as soon as the auction ends.

    This way, you can create a competitive bidding environment on your store with this app & boost your website visibility.

    Product Auction
    Accelerate negotiations between buyer and seller

    What are the benefits of using the Product Auction App? 💬

    ◾️ With the Auction Joining Fee feature, you can charge a joining fee from each user while getting register to participate in the auction.

    ◾️ Proxy Bidding Feature:- It is the much easier & less time consuming automatic bidding process in the app. Know more!

    ◾️ Create an e-Auction Marketplace to let the sellers add auctions to their products.

    ◾️ Monitor the bids happening and much more.


    Loaded with customer’s queries? If yes then, this app is the right choice for you. Yes! We are talking about the Ask a Question app for Shopify. With this app, you can enable the customers to ask their queries related to products directly from your website. Thus, let them clear their doubts even before purchasing the products online.

    Ask A Question
    Provide a hassle-free online Shopping Experience to Customers

    The app is loaded with some outstanding features listed below:-

    Ask a Question FAQ Feature:- Publish Frequently Asked Questions for the buyers & manage your customer’s concern related to your store products.

    ◾️ Let the customers know about the products even before purchasing them from your store.

    ◾️ Build trust with the target audience.
    And much more.


    Why lose customers if the product goes out of stock? A simple solution is to Add PreOrder to Products! The PreOrder Controller app enables the merchant to set products for pre-order. You can simply choose a start & end date and publish the product on your store for pre-order.

    PreOrder Controller
    Let the Customers Pre-order “Out of Stock” or “Newly Launched” Products!

    As soon as you add pre-order to your “out of stock” or “newly launched” products, the same will reflect on your storefront. Thus, customers will visit your website & pre-order the products even before their release. For this, you can charge a partial or full preorder amount from the customers.
    Isn’t it interesting to get profit even before releasing the products!

    What are the Features of the Pre-order Controller App? 💬

    ◾️ Let the customers notify the merchant when products come back in stock. Also, Partial Payment Option for the customers.

    ◾️ A separate page to list down all the pre-order products.

    Deal Listing


    Offer Great Deals to Your Customer & Get a Boost to Your Online Sales!

    Customers always search for the best deal while purchasing products online. Keeping this in mind, the Lightning Deals app is developed for Shopify. Using this app, you can add amazing deals to your Shopify store products & collections. Thus, entice customers to shop again & again from your website.

    As the deals will be added for a specific time on products, customers will get encouraged to purchase the items from your store. This will get a boost to your online revenue.

    Lightning Deals
    Add More Values to Your Store Products & Collections

    What are the benefits of using the App? 💬

    ◾️ Encourage customers to shop more from your online store.

    ◾️ Drive more traffic to your store & get a boost to your online sales.

    ◾️ The app is integrated with the Multi-vendor Marketplace app. This enables the registered sellers to add deals to the products that they sell on the admin’s store.

    ◾️ A separate page to list all the products to which the deal is added.

    trending offers

    Product Zipcode Validator

    The Product Zipcode Validator is the app for Shopify to let the customers check the product availability if it is available at their preferred location for shipment or not. Thus, customers can easily check if the product is available for shipping on a specific location or not simply by entering a Zipcode.

    Product Zipcode Validator

    Let the customers check Product Availability at a Location with Zipcode

    How this app benefits the merchant? 💬

    The app comes with some exceptional features that benefits the merchant in his/her online business. Here go the features:-

    • Enable customers to check product availability through Zipcode search.
    • Upload the zipcodes in bulk via CSV file.
    • Get the option to blacklist zipcodes from products.
    • Let the customers check related products if their searched product is unavailable at any specific location.
    • Request to get a separate page for products in any specific zip code.

    and lots more.

    Now, don’t you think it’s a must-have app for your Shopify store!!!

    Gift On Order

    An App to Surprise Customers with Free Gifts & let them shop more from Your Store.

    The Gift on Order app is all that you want in order to entice customers to shop from your website. In case, you have a small-sized business with a limited no of potential customers then, it’s a great idea to offer free gift products to customers. The app will let you add gift products to your Shopify store & create gift rules. Now, customers can have the free gifts automatically added to their carts once the gift rule satisfies.

    Gift On Order

    Surprise Your Customers with Free Gifts!

    What benefits does the merchant using this app? 💬

    • Get the option to add gift products on your Shopify store.
    • Gift products will be automatically added to cart based on the gift product you create.
    • Let the buyers change their gift products from the list of free gifts available.
    • Entice buyers to shop more from your online store.
    • Integrates with PWAfy for Shopify.

    So, being a merchant, you can make the best use of the Gift On Order app just to let the potential customers shop more from your website & thus, earn a profit.

    Social Commerce

    An App to let you get connected with your customers socially!

    The Social Commerce app for Shopify helps you to let your customers create their social profiles on your store. This is the ultimate way to get connected with potential customers socially & let them share their thoughts, post, comment from their account.

    Social Commerce
    Get Connected with Your Customers Socially!

    What are the benefits of using this app? 💬

    • An easy-to-use platform to get connected with the customers socially.
    • Let the customers like/unlike products on your store.
      This results in recognizing the most demanding products of your store.
    • Customers can post status & follow/unfollow each other.
    • Let the customers view the live feed.

    So, if you want to get connected with your customers & want to know their choice then, this app is the right choice for you.

    Now, it’s been clear to you how important is to enhance the features & functionalities of the Shopify store in order to drive enormous traffic & generate revenue. Make the use of the above Shopify apps to uplift your online sales.

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