Shopify Multivendor Marketplace : Seller Membership (New Theme)

Till now you must have switched to the new theme, or some of you have just installed the Multivendor Marketplace App and wants to have the “Seller Membership” feature app, then do refer this.

The Seller Membership feature app allows the Admin/Store Owner to make plans for the Sellers and they need to subscribe the plan in case they need to publish the products in the Admin Shopify Store.

The feature app is a monthly costing of  25$ USD per month apart from the Multivendor App.


You need to enable the App from here :

Once the feature is enabled, you need to approve the charges for the app ie 25$ USD per month.

This way your feature app is enabled now.

Admin End

Once the ‘Seller Membership’ App is activated, Admin will configure the same from the configuration >> membership configuration menu :

– Display Membership plan to Seller : Admin can select whether the Seller must select the membership plan at the time of signup or after the signup.

– If Seller Payment is due (after the last date of payment) : Admin can select whether the Seller must be disabled, or he cannot access the products or disable the seller products if the Membership Payment is not made after the due date.

– Apply updated Plan changes : It might happen that the Admin makes changes to the Seller Membership Plan then select whether the changes be applied to all the current subscribed sellers or just to the new sellers.

Once all these configurations are done, then you need to make plans for the Sellers.

Go to Sellers >> Seller Membership Plans menu in the app :

Create Membership Plans for the Seller :

While creating the plan, you need to select the name of the plan, the subscription type (monthly, yearly etc.), the price of the plan, you can either limit the number of products with the plan or can keep unlimited products addiction with the plan.

In case you select to limit the number of products to the plan, then specify the number of products and do specify whether the number includes all the products or just the active products.

Select the date of the month on which the payment is due and you can also specify the grace period. You can even select the payment type prepaid or postpaid, ie. before the month or after the month.

This is how new plan can be created for the Seller Membership.

Admin can view the list of the subscribed seller from the Seller Membership menu :

Admin can see all the subscribed seller list and can see the payment status.

Payment from Seller

Now once you have created the Membership Plan then you need to set the Payment Mode through which you want the payment from Seller for the Membership Subscription. Go to configuration >> payment details :

Setup the payment mode and save the changes.

If you wish to have a recurring payment method, then you can activate “Braintree Payment” for the same. You need to fill in the Braintree account details to activate the same. If you activate the method, then the Plan amount will be deducted from Seller Account automatically (as per the plan).

Seller end

As we have created a Prepaid Plan for the Seller, then as soon as the Seller login to the account gets this screen to pay for the plan :

To get the plan, Seller needs to pay as per the “Payment Modes” enabled by in the “Payment Detail” menu.

Seller will pay here and will get subscribed to the plan and can then avail the plan benefits.

For postpaid plans, the Seller has to make the payments later as per the plan subscription type.

This way Seller can subscribe to the plan.

Demo Details

Use below link and credentials to use the demo of Shopify multivendor marketplace App:-

Admin Demo Link:-


Password: demowebkul

Seller Demo Link:


Password: webkul123


Furthermore, if you need any kind of support then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at


. . .


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