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Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify-Seller Staff

Updated 23 August 2023

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace App | Seller Staff |

We are here with an another “Feature App” of  Multivendor Marketplace on your high demand called “Seller Staff”.

With this feature app, the seller can add staffs and assign permission to them to manage activities on seller panel. Admin can enable his seller to add staffs who can manage seller’s account on behalf of that seller.

Once you approve the charges, 10 USD per month will get added over and above your current multivendor plan.

It is currently not compatible with the social media login feature app

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Additional Features of this app

  • Admin can allow his seller to add staff.
  • Seller can add staff and permit him/her to manage seller’s account on his behalf.
  • Seller can deny the permission of any section of the seller account.
  • The added staff can manage the activities on behalf of seller.
  • All the activities of the staff will be visible to the seller in “Staff Activity” section of seller panel.
  • Seller can edit the staff details.
  • Seller has full right to disable or delete any staff on his end.


To enable the “Seller Staff” feature in your Multivendor Marketplace app, first you need to enable it from the “Feature App” section of the admin panel.

Feature App

Once you click the “Feature App”, you will get the list of feature app. Scroll down to get “Seller Staff” feature and click on “Enable”button to activate the same.

Seller staff

Once you click this button, you need to accept the additional charge of 10 USD over and above your Multivendor App plan. Thus, approve the charge and get this feature installed in your app.

Seller staff Agree

Click on “Agree” button and proceed further to approve the charge.

Seller staff Approve

In this way, you can get this “Seller Staff” feature installed in your Multivendor app.

Admin Panel

Firstly, admin needs to enable his seller to add staff so that they can manage the activities on seller panel. To do this, admin can follow the below suggested procedure.

Seller staff Configuration

Admin dashboard>>Configuration>>Seller Configuration>>Enable “Allow Seller to add Staff”>>click on “Save Changes”.

Allow to add staffs

Once the admin enable this option “Allow Seller to Add Staff”, seller can easily add the staffs from his end who can manage the activities on the seller panel.

Admin can also view the staffs of the sellers from seller section of the admin panel simply by following this procedure.

Admin dashboard>>Sellers>>Seller Listing>>click “View Seller Staff” (in action menu)>>View all the Staffs added by this seller.

Seller staff view staffs

Once the admin clicks this “View Seller Staff” button, a list of staffs added by that seller will appear.

Seller staff add

Seller Panel

Once the admin allows the seller to add staff, seller can now add the staff from “My staff” section of the seller panel. In this section, the seller can view the list of all the staffs added by him.


He just needs to click on the “Add Staff” button there and fill all the staff details.


In this section, seller can add permissions for their staff so that their staff get the access of only those allowed sections.


Once the seller enter the staff details, the seller can select the option to grant the permission.

Note: For the existing staff member,by default the subcategory permission of the selected category is selected or you can say permitted.

If the seller wants to make changes in the access then the seller needs to do it manually by ticking or unticking the checkbox.


As the admin saves all the details of their staff in this section, the added member will receive the mail regarding the same which contain the login details of the staff.

These login details will help the added member to get logged in to the seller account page as a Staff.

Also, in the “My Staff” section, seller can edit the detail of his staff. He can disable his staff as well as delete his staff.

Staff edit

Moreover, if the seller wants to view the recent activities done by his staff in managing seller’s account, he can view it too from the “Staff Activity” section of the seller panel.


Visit Seller Dashboard>>Seller Profile>>click “Staff Activity”>>View activities of staffs.


How the Staff will manage the Seller account section

In order to manage the activities, the staff added by the seller will need the credentials to login to the seller account page.

These login details will be provided by the seller to their staffs through a mail at the time of filling staff details.

login as staff

In this way, the staff will get access to the seller profile page where he can manage all the activities on behalf of the seller.

Staff My Account

In this way, the member you added will get the access of the Seller’s account as a “Staff” and can manage all the activities on behalf of that seller on the seller end.

Please Note:- The staff can change his password only if the seller adds permission for staff to visit seller’s profile page.

Demo Details

Follow the below links to use the demo of Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify:

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