Opencart Product Return RMA

Opencart Return merchandise authorization is a brilliant module and super useful for product return and order return.

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The module is now available for Opencart version 2.x.x.x You can check it here Opencart Product Return RMA V2.0.x.x


  • Return merchandise authorization for Opencart.
  • Fully Admin handled module.
  • Guest Customers can generate RMA too.
  • Buyer and Admin can communicate at Store end with Mail.
  • RMA History with Filters and Pagination.
  • Return Policy Page.
  • Dynamic order selection with various option.
  • Customer can upload RMA images.


Installation of the module is child play you just need to drag your admin, catalog and vqmod folder in opencart root folder and it will be installed.

1. If VQMOD is already installed in your system * just copy the “vqmod/xml” folder data into your “/vqmod/xml/” folder to your installed “vqmod/xml”.

2. if VQMOd is not installed in your system then just copy full Vqmod folder from root directory and then go to your website frontside or frontpage and write this after url  /vqmod/install.

vQmod images

Then in Admin panel go to System > User >Usergroup and edit ‘Top Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.


After that under extension->module menu install RMA System module.

After installation, edit it and select options and save it. You can add Policy under Catalog > Information and can add here or can add data in editor.


Then a RMA system will create Menu in your Header tab. Under this link admin can manage RMA system.

Admin will have to create status and reasons for customer / admin for RMA which admin can create under RMA System > RMA Options tab.

These are statuses which will used by customer and admin. Here admin can insert them , update them, delete them.


After click on Insert button- Admin can insert new status. Here

  • Admin will add name for status in all language.
  • Admin will match status with Order Status for RMA status (depends on Admin status).
  • Admin can set default – admin status for RMA when RMA will generated by customer.
  • Admin can set status for RMA when customer will use cancel or solve RMA etc.


These are reasons which will used by customer at time of RMA generation.  Here admin can insert them , update them, delete them.


After click on edit- admin can update RMA reason.


Admin can see all RMA under RMA System > All RMA.

Using All RMA admin can see all RMA , can edit them , can delete them , can generate RMA invoice for them.


After edit RMA – admin can see all details related to this RMA.


Using All select RMA, admin can generate invoice for them.


Admin can returned quantity here


After 1 time return this option will not come and status will update to return qunatity.


Customer End

This module provide two option for RMA at front end 1 with Account module and 1 with Customer Services. Using them customer can generate RMA. Guest customer can also generate RMA. After using this RMA link module display option to customer for RMA (that depends on order which was generated as guest or using registered account).

  • With Registered Account.
  • With Guest.


After select RMA type – customer redirect to next pages depends on their selection. For Registered customer redirect to login page if not login page or RMA view page and in case of Guest they redirect to verification page got order.


with login at site.


After that customer can see his previous RMA and can add  new ones.


After click on ‘Request New RMA’  customer can add new RMA. Here customer has to select order for RMA then product(s) with quantity. Customer can provide images for RMA . Customer has to select RMA status , reason (enabled from admin side).


After that with correct details RMA will generate and send mail to admin / customer.


Customer can see all RMA here-


Customer can cancel RMA and can view them. After cancel RMA


After click on View –

RMA Details

Customer can send message to admin with mail


Customer can add Consignment No. here


Customer can see larger view of images after click them

Print file after using print option at customer end


All of those information are very much self explanatory still have any doubt please add a support ticket