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ScandiPWA Development

Webkul has excellence in PWA (Progressive Web Application) development and theme development both. Now it is offering a combination of PWA and theme development with ScandiPWA.

What Are ScandiPWA themes

ScandiPWA is the next generation Magento 2 PWA theme developed in React. It helps by providing a ready-to-use PWA for your store in a rapid way. Scandi allows you to use file overrides for theme development and application plugins for reusable extensions.

Features of ScandiPWA

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Rendering on the Client-Side

ScandiPWA only fetches data from the server (via GraphQL) and renders the pages on the client-side using React, rather than fetching the full page every time.
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Performance Enhancement

Because of the client-side rendering, the server doesn’t need to render the entire page every time. It only needs to serve the requested data, which is much faster.

Transitions that are Smooth

Because the client is in charge of rendering the page, it is aware of its structure even before requesting data. As a result, it can incorporate a smooth page transition.

App for Progressive Web Sites

It is a PWA that is rendered entirely on the client-side. This means that it can function similar to a native iOS or Android app without any additional code.
Highly Customizable

Completely Customizable

While traditional methods of extending a Magento theme will be ineffective, they offer something almost better – the Override Mechanism, which allows you to customize the theme completely.

Super-fast Experience

ScandiPWA’s goal is to create a Magento theme that is super fast, ready to use, and has excellent performance. ScandiPWA is built on Magento’s standard technology stack and component-driven (React) approach.

What Webkul Offers in ScandiPWA Theme Development

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ScandiPWA an official partner of Webkul

ScandiPWA and Webkul are official partners now. Due to the partnership with ScandiPWA, the communication, and transfer of information are easy for us.

This will enable Webkul to develop and customize the theme in a better way. With priority support from ScandiPWA, we can have a seamless development experience in the development process. 

If we face any issue, then it will be resolved in a fast and efficient way.


Custom Development for ScandiPWA

Webkul is an official ScandiPWA Technology Partner and Magento Partner, also offers custom storefront and theme development services. Webkul is a global module provider that also provides custom plugin development for the ScandiPWA theme development.

Module Integration Compatibility

The ScandiPWA theme does necessitate changes to the frontend. So, if your module/plugin is rendering at the frontend, that needs to be adjusted as well. Webkul develops custom plugins for ScandiPWA Themes. Not only that, but Webkul also provides the option of converting pre-built extensions into ScandiPWA-compatible plugins.

ScandiPWA Themes Development Life Cycle


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Planning & Wireframing


Prototyping and Designing ScandiPWA Theme


Sync APIs with ScandiPWA Theme


ScandiPWA Theme Implementation


ScandiPWA Theme Testing and Integration

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One of the amazing support I ever found inside Prestashop addons. I recommend this module to everybody.
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