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What is ONDC Marketplace?

ONDC marketplace is a platform where every seller whether it is small, mid, or large can connect to the buyers without any third layer.

ONDC network provides the buyers a direct interaction with the sellers, especially the small local retail businesses.

The vendors register on the ONDC network as ONDC sellers and the buyers can search for these ONDC sellers and products.

Critical Components of an ONDC Marketplace

ONDC Marketplace has two essential components; the buyer and seller apps. Webkul helps in creating the ONDC buyer and seller applications for the ONDC marketplace.

To create an ONDC marketplace, it is important to develop a buyer and seller app with hyperlocal search functionality as ONDC focuses on local vendors.


ONDC Buyer Application

We will help the merchants create their own ONDC buyer applications that will help the buyers purchase products at lower prices than on other big marketplace websites.

This app has a customer frontend like other mobile applications or websites. Buyers can search for ONDC products on this app via the search bar and the results will display the ONDC registered sellers and products.

The customers have to enter the area pin code to search for the products as the ONDC gives priority to the local retailers or shop owners. So the users can place an order by selecting the product they wish to buy.

ONDC Seller Application

Webkul will help you to create an ONDC seller app. The sellers will register through this app as ONDC network participants and they will be able to sell their products by listing them on ONDC.

Once the inventory is uploaded, the vendors will be able to sell their products through the ONDC network. The seller app will contain the sections such as GST number, business account related details etc. in the registration form. Moreover, the sellers can select their preferred delivery partners who are registered on ONDC.

The vendors have the ability to assign their own staff for product delivery. The seller will appear in the search after registration on the ONDC app whenever the buyer searches for ONDC products or vendors.


Benefits of ONDC Marketplace


Benefits Small Retailers

Small retailers will definitely get the advantage as ONDC focuses on promoting small businesses.

Greater Audience Reach

Merchants have the opportunity to reach a broader audience because ONDC network brings together sellers to a big number of customers.

Dominate Large Marketplace

ONDC going to compete with the large marketplaces and decrease the dominance of the big marketplace websites.

Follows Hyperlocal Approach

ONDC works on hyperlocal search approach as the target is to promote the small retail businesses.

Eliminates Middle Layer

The ONDC network do not have any middle layer or third party vendors so that cuts the extra charges such as packaging etc.

Supports Small Logistics Businesses

Small logistics businesses can also now register on ONDC, or the sellers can assign their own employees for the delivery.

ONDC Marketplace Development Lifecycle

Webkul works on the generic marketplace development lifecycle approach for ONDC marketplace creation.


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Planning & Wireframing


Prototyping and Designing


Development and Implementation


Testing and Feedback


Deployment and Maintenance

Why Choose Webkul for ONDC Marketplace Development

Webkul has more than 13 years of experience in marketplace development. We have delivered various successful marketplace website in NFT marketplace is one of the biggest example of it.



What will be the main requirements for creating an ONDC marketplace?

The main requirements to develop an ONDC marketplace is buyer and seller apps.

How do sellers sell their products on the ONDC marketplace?

The sellers can start selling their products after registration on the ONDC network.

How can buyers buy from the ONDC marketplace?

The buyers can simply search for the ONDC products and the registered sellers and products will be visible to them. They can select the product and place the order.

Does ONDC also provide logistical assistance?

Yes, ONDC has their own registered logistic partners. The sellers can choose the ONDC delivery partners for the product delivery on lower cost.

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