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Case Study Brillate

Advanced Booking System – Best medical for health treatment – Brillate

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Health
Country Spain

Brillate Kerr S.L. is the health and beauty market which is providing health treatment care and also allows other businesses to provide treatment and sell cosmeceutical products and services to the customer.

Ke Yang is the founder of the Brillate Kerr S.L. in the year 2021. It is based in Barcelona, Spain.

The medical device industry has very unique smart techniques that provide the best result for the patient. As well, patients need regular treatment and visit their service center for better results.


Currently, Brillate is providing medical treatment with new smart techniques. As well as they also allow other sellers to sell their services who need treatment for their health.

People can use the chat option for asking any query directly to the Brillate. They can book their appointments also.

People can register themself as sellers or customers who need treatment. It also provides services in different languages such as Spanish, English, and Japanese.

Aesthetic Medical: Cosmetic and health treatment

The Spanish medical aesthetic devices industry has grown significantly in recent years as a result of a rise in the number of cosmetic procedures performed and a growing concern for one’s appearance and appearance.

With the introduction of the internet, information became more widely available, and individuals became more aware of aesthetic operations.

As a result of all of these factors, people are becoming more aware of medical aesthetic procedures, which has increased medical aesthetic device sales.


Aesthetic devices are all medical devices used for various cosmetic procedures, such as plastic surgery, unwanted hair removal, excess fat removal, anti-aging, aesthetic implants, skin tightening, and so on, that are used for body beautification, correction, and improvement.

Surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are both available.

Therefore, Ke Yang (founder of Brillate) wants to create awareness with their product and services. She wants to provide a platform where they can sell their product to the customer easily.

Why did Brillate connect with Webkul?

Ke Yang, founder of Brillate gets connected with the Webkul. As Webkul has rich experience with many sets of innovations with 11+ years of experience. We have showcased our innovations six times in Magento Innovations Lab. It has won various awards for our Adobe Commerce extensions.

Webkul is known for having a large satisfied customer base. As well as, got selected for the Best Selling Extension Award at Magento  Imagine 2018 and Imagine 2019 events. 

Ke Yang chooses us fulfilling her requirement as she wants to develop their requirement into a website for their clients and get connected with them easily.

Additionally, She wants to book appointment websites for providing services to the customer. So that customer can book their appointments with their constant. The website can be easily accessible on any mobile device also.


Ke yang wants user data protection with options for viewing, accessing, erasing, or updating the seller’s private data. She wants to provide combined services to offer bases. As well, customers can avail of services from multiple vendors with one click at the time of checkout.

Moreover, She was looking for a website on which customers can find the service center nearby their locations.

Hence, he wants easy control and manages the website conveniently. After searching a lot, he chooses Webkul for website development.

How do Webkul Services assist Brillate?

Webkul assists Ke Yang, founder of Brillate for web development. We modify her website in the Adobe commerce cloud in English, Spanish, and Japanese language.

Webkul provides a Magento 2 Multi-vendor marketplace in which sellers can manage and control the product and services to the customer. As well, we have provided a responsive theme for all mobile phones so that customers can access the website from any device.


Customer can book their appointment with the vendor related to the health care treatment. After this, customers can choose either one or multiple services for their treatment.


Additionally, Webkul provides the feature of finding the treatment center nearby the customer. It provides benefits to vendors also as they can originate their location as per the set radius of the location.


Additionally, the client for finds sellers and sellers to add up their origins and set the radius for the clients.

Moreover, customers have full information about the service-based product and they can book their appointment at their convenience. Customers can know the update for availability time.


Moreover, customers can have all details from the information available on the product page. As per their schedule customer can either book appointment or consult with the seller vendor after filling out the form.


We provide user data protection with options for viewing, accessing, erasing, or updating the seller’s private data. As well we offer a responsive theme for the mobile devices screens to brillate. So that website can be accessible to all customers and devices.

Book the appointment

After that, the customer can book the appointment from the shopping cart. As well customers have an order summary with order details.


Moreover, Brillate wants to make a website with advanced booking services for their customer. As well, their customer can book their appointment in advance and have all information related to the order.

Brillate uses Adobe Commerce cloud, they choose Webkul as we are a full Adobe Commerce development company. We had also provided all services to the Ke Yang for Brillate.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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