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Multichannel Selling

Are you looking for digital commerce solutions that will help you to sell more products? The hunt is over because multichannel selling will be one of the smartest ways to make your products available at multiple places. Multichannel selling is an omnichannel sales strategy where you sell products on various platforms like; Marketplace Listing (eBay, Amazon, Wish, Etsy), Google Shopping Feed, Social Commerce (FB Shop, Livestream Shopping), POS, and Mobile App.

Benefits Of Selling On Multiple Channels

A multichannel selling strategy provides various benefits to the retailers to promote and sell on various platforms.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Improvement

The store merchants can reach a huge number of users with the help of selling the products through different mediums.
Wider Audience

Reach Wider Audience

This marketing technique allows the sellers to reach the maximum number of customers.
Sales Channel

Touchpoints Expansion

Multichannel selling makes you available to the customer at every point of contact.
Brand Exposure

Enhanced brand awareness

By selling through as many sales channels as possible, retailers can ensure that their products receive maximum visibility and brand exposure.

Keeping a step ahead of the competition

The multichannel technique also keeps you ahead in the race with your competitors.
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Being present where your customers shop

The concept of multichannel selling enables the retailers to be present on the shopping platforms where the shoppers are buying.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

It specifies that the store merchants are taking care of the customers shopping preferences and needs.

Increases User Engagement

Multiple channel availability will automatically increase the user engagement for your brand.

Expanding into new markets

The wide reach of the store merchants to the consumers will increase the brand presence.

Why Choose Webkul for Multichannel Selling?

We strive to be a part of your success story by increasing brand availability on various platforms. We help you to increase the customer touchpoints so that the business can grow more and generate maximum revenue. Reach-based brand awareness campaigns are primarily concerned with increasing CTRs.

Furthermore, we will assist you in targeting specific demographics and validating ROI over profits. We identified your objectives and created an attribution model that will include digital touchpoints that appear during the customer retention process. This model will also assist you to reach the maximum number of buyers.

How Does Webkul Help Your Business in Multichannel Selling?

Webkul helps the merchants in multichannel marketing through platform integrations like; POS, marketplace connectors, social media, Google shopping feeds, etc. These methods of selling products help to generate more revenue by increasing the sale of your business.

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Sell On Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are the most popular way to sell your products. Now Webkul offers an amazing way to increase sales by synchronizing the store to big giants like; Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. It provides various popular marketplace connectors with the capability of the product, category, and order synchronization.

These connectors come up with the bidirectional product synchronization feature. That means the store products can be synchronized with the marketplace and the marketplace products can be synced to the store as well.

Using these marketplace connectors, the merchants can also provide the specifications, variations, return policies, and shipping details of exported products.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is the extended version of eCommerce. It uses popular social media platforms and tools to sell your products and interact with the shopper.

This is the trending way of selling your products and services to reach the maximum number of shoppers. social commerce is the smartest way to target customers. In this era, everyone is using social media so it becomes easy for the merchants.

Webkul offers merchants to trade on social commerce platforms. We have multiple social commerce services and products that help the sellers and merchants to enhance the selling process.

Group purchases, Facebook shops, Instagram shopping, Pinterest pins, live stream shopping, WhatsApp shopping integration, MLM affiliation, and Marketing ads campaign, are some popular examples of social commerce.

Point of Sale (PoS)

Point of Sale is another way to sell your products through a different sales channel. When there is a need to sell and manage your products from your physical store, the PoS will be a good choice.

PoS helps in sales by managing the retail outlet and the physical store. It keeps track of the product inventory. With PoS the merchants not only manage a single store but also the inventory of multiple stores.

It is helpful to track the stock availability and let the store owner understand which product is required to stock up. Webkul has PoS products that help in a better shopping experience for the buyer.

Mobile Apps

Shopping through mobile apps has become a norm these days. It is one of the most rapid ways to sell your products as it is now a convenient way to reach the shopper.

Brands can use mobile apps as a powerful marketing channel. In a big marketplace, it enables businesses to connect with their website users, convey messages, keep the consumers occupied, and create customer trust.

Google Shopping Feed

The Google Search channel allows you to easily reach the millions of shoppers who use Google to find the products they require.

Business merchants can list products on Google for free. By adding products on Google shopping, you can enable seamless checkout.

A feed is a file within the Merchant Center that contains a list of products that you want to be displayed on Google Shopping. When you add your products to Google shopping, it will give your product an attribute. These attributes will be used by your product feeds to group your products together.

Implementation of Multichannel Selling Approach

It is important to implement the technique in a manner to achieve more sales. The merchants can implement multichannel marketing through the below-mentioned steps


Start making customer profiles


Choose the Most Effective Marketing Channels


Establish a Goal


Create Content


Obtain the Correct Technology


Evaluate Your Strategy Repeatedly


It works now, very happy, Webkul is always willing to help wherever they need to, and their customer service is out of this world.

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What are the different multichannel marketing strategies?

The sellers can integrate multichannel marketing through social media, mobile, television, Google shopping feeds, e-mail, etc.

Is multichannel marketing cost higher for branding?

Multichannel selling is a cost-effective solution for the branding of your business. 

How does multichannel selling impact your business sale?

Multichannel selling increases the sale by listing the brand on various big marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others.

What are the real-life examples of brands that use multichannel marketing?

Some of the real-life examples of multichannel selling are Apple, Starbucks, Bank of America, CVS, and The Home Depot.

How does multichannel selling increase customer engagement?

It helps in customer engagement through branding on multiple sales channels.

Finally found this plugin to assign custom attributes to vendor to manage by themselves. Simply update the config of attribute mapping then vendor could have related attribute to set in product edit/create form. Work as charm, great job.
Casper Wang
Director of Development
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