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What is ROAS- Method to Calculate Return On Ads Spend

Updated 8 March 2022

Google Ads are a great way to gather instant traffic to your Website. Google Ads works by showing your ad when the audience searches online for the services and products you offer.

You just need to know the Apt Strategy and you are ready to increase the revenue of your business. However, like all days are not the same; similarly, not all ads facilitate you with good revenue.

You need to check the ROAS to know how exactly your Google ads are doing in terms of revenue generation. 

What is ROAS?

The meaning of ROAS is pretty well understood with its full form that is Return On Ad Spend. Basically, it is a defined standard to measure the revenue your business earns for each dollar it spends on ads. 

It helps you shape the efforts you are putting in advertising because it lets you measure the effectiveness of ads published. You can change/improve the way for advertising if you are getting a low return on Ad spend.

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How to Calculate ROAS(Return On Ad Spend)?

It is very important to calculate ROAS because it helps you know how your published ads are doing. Furthermore, you can enhance the ads when you exactly know how beneficial your published ads are.

There’s a simple formula to calculate the Return On Ad Spend; contradicting the role it plays for your business.

ROAS is equal to your total conversion value divided by the cost invested in the advertisement. 

ROAS = Conversion Value/Capital Spend on Ad

Return On Ad Spend formula

Here Conversion Value is the amount your business earns from a particular Ad. Whereas, Capital Spend on Ad is the amount of money that is used to run a particular ad.

Let’s Put Values into the Formula and Understand it better!

Suppose, you’ve spent $10 on a google ad to sell a unit of a $100 product then the ROAS is 10; which means for each dollar you are spending on Ad, you are earning $10.

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