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    How to Start a Crowdfunding Campaign for COVID-19 Help?

    As the coronavirus pandemic is continuously impacting the financial & economical state, a lot of people are stepping up to help the needy.

    Different Crowdfunding Campaigns are built to collect funds to serve food, medical care & shelters to homeless livings. So, if you are someone who is looking forward to starting a crowdfunding website & don’t know where to begin with then keep reading!

    This article will be helpful for both who are already running an eCommerce store & for those you are looking to start afresh. Moreover, online agencies can also take notes from this article if they are looking to achieve the same.

    Crowdfunding Campaign for COVID-19

    “The world will overcome the pandemic with the unity of hearts & helping the homeless.”

    How to launch a crowdfunding campaign for COVID-19 help?

    The Platform

    If you are an existing merchant who is looking forward to adding the crowdfunding functionality to their online store, then you can check Webkul’s plugins.

    Webkul has crowdfunding plugins for most of the platforms like Shopify, Odoo, Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. These are ready to use modules that will help you achieve the goal.

    Moreover, if you are someone who is starting from scratch then you can go for any of the above-said platforms & install the given plugins.

    Being a newbie, you might not want to take care of the hosting & server & doesn’t have DevOps team then Shopify is a good platform to go for!

    Brief introduction of the crowdfunding modules:

    Shopify Plugin: Crowd Funding app for Shopify is the best solution to start fundraising from the masses for a project/venture. This app comes with a 7 days free trial period.

    The Crowd Funding app lets you add rewards for donating a certain amount. Moreover, you can add images and videos to your project.
    Apart from that, you can also add the risks and the challenges that you’ll face or are facing while running the particular crowdfunding campaign. These are some good ways to gain the attention of your audience.

    Prestashop Plugin:

    With the Prestashop Crowdfunding Program module, you can start multiple crowdfunding campaigns and raise funds you require for your needs/projects. 

    This module allows you to display your target, the number of backers, and backers’ names along with the amount contributed by them to back your campaigns.

    Prestashop Donate to Charity lets you run multiple donation campaigns on the store simultaneously.

    Ask your customers to contribute towards a cause to help the people who are in need. Advertise these campaigns on your store to spread the word among your customers.

    Odoo Plugin: Odoo Share The Love: This module provides unique functionality to the customers to share aid for the needy while making any purchase in the form of some amount.

    “Share The Love” is an extra amount that is added to the order amount by the customer on Checkout. The module provides easy to use interface to add aid “amount” and custom “messages”.

    Magento 2 Plugin: Crowd Funding module allows the admin to add a project for the funding purpose on the Webstore. The customers can view a new category as CrowdFunding Project and can donate for the project.

    WooCommerce Plugin: Wallet Fund Pool module lets you create events and raise funds by sending in the invite links via Email and WhatsApp. Thus making it easier than ever to collect funds from your friends and family for a good cause.

    Once the module is installed, set up the crowdfunding project. If you face any issue while the installation or configuration process, contact us by emailing at [email protected].

    Reward Your Donators

    It’s always good to have great perks for your pledgers!

    Rewarding your donators will encourage them to contribute towards your cause. This will also work as a goodwill gesture towards the pledgers.

    The Shopify Crowdfunding App has an inbuilt feature that will help you set rewards for the donators. Although, this is completely optional.

    Promote your Crowdfunding Campaign for COVID-19

    All done with the launching now is the step to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Make the audience aware of it so that they can come and donate.

    Different ways to promote your Crowdfunding Campaign for COVID-19:

    • Use social media platforms to spread the word.
    • If possible, you can reach out to media & bloggers to promote your campaign.
    • You can also ask your current donators to refer & share your campaign to get featured.

    Over to you!

    In order to provide a helping hand to the vulnerable section of society, there are a few people who decide to step forward to help those in need. Be one of them & help the nation that’s battling against a fatal disease.

    If your ‘will’ to do the same is strong enough, the government will surely come up to support your initiative.

    Furthermore, in case of any query, create a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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