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    User Guide For BigCommerce Product Auction App

    Updated 4 January 2023


    Instead of simply offering your products for a purchase, you may run an auction to earn more revenue. This app will facilitate you in doing so.

    The Bigcommerce Product Auction application introduces an auction feature to your e-commerce site. Moreover, the admin can enable bidding on the products that the admin wishes to auction, as well as monitor all bids on the store from the app itself.

    Using the Product Auction App, you can start an online auction on your BigCommerce store. Because the app includes several features that make it simple to start and manage online auctions.

    The Product Auction application will make it possible to auction a product in a few simple steps. The easy-to-use UI will undoubtedly help you get started.


    • Admin can create and manage auctions for any product.
    • The option to manually start and end the auction available.
    • Admin can even restart the unsuccessful auctions.
    • Set a reserve price, which is the lowest price that must be reached to win.
    • Admin can configure their email settings to send notification emails to the customers.
    • Admin can use batch action to create auctions on various products at once.

    The Flow of Installation and Configuration


    After installing the application, You need to add a few codes to your theme files as per the instructions provided.

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    Click on the Embed button to add the Auction list page and Customer bids list page on the storefront.


    Auction Configuration:-

    Admin needs to configure auction settings as follows –

    Email:- Admin needs to insert an email id on which admin wants to receive emails for the placed bids.

    Email Notification for every Bid:- By enabling this option, Admin will be able to receive notification for every bid.

    Display Current Bid:- After enabling this option, the current bid will be visible on the product page.

    Display Bid Count:- After enabling this option, the total number of bid counts will be visible on the product page.

    Store Currency:- This option is used to select the store currency.

    Amount to be paid by Auction winner:- The amount to be paid by the auction winner can be set here.

    • Winning Bid:- If the admin selects the winning bid then only the amount on which the auction got completed will be paid by the customer.
    • Percentage of Winning Bid:- If the admin puts the percentage amount then the customer will need to pay the winning bid amount plus the percentage amount that the admin has applied.

    Email Configuration:-

    To know how to configure email settings, please visit the user guide and follow the required steps.
    Note – The above settings are for Gmail, in case you are using any other email service then contact your email service provider for the following details.


    Add Auction to Products

    STEP 1: Real-time product syncing is available in the app, You need to only select the product from the list on which you want to add the auction from the “Products” section of the application.


    STEP 2: After selecting the product, You will be redirected to the page where you need to fill out product auction details.

    • If you want to start the auction on the product automatically, enable the “Automatic Start Auction” button.
    • Need to enter the Base Price i.e the minimum price from which the bid will get started and the Reserve Price i.e the minimum auction price below which the admin will not sell the product.
    • You need to set the time duration by specifying the auction start/end date and time.
    • After applying all the settings you need to click on Save to set the auction.

    Step 3: When you add an auction to a product, the auction for that product starts. You can view complete auction detail in the “Auctions” section of the app. Also, you can edit the auction details as well as stop the auction on the product manually.


    Frontend View

    When you add auction products and the auction starts, your auction window for the auction products will look like this on the front end :


    Existing customers must need to log in to view the auction product details.


    Logged in customers can view the information related to the auctioned product and are able to place bids.


    Bidders can check the history of all their bids by going to the My Bids section on the auction page. By clicking on the My Bids button on the auction page, the customer will be able to view their history of bids.


    Declaration of Winner

    After the auction will end, the admin will be able to see information about the bidding and winner details and can also notify the auction winner. Also, we provided the provision for three winners and the admin can notify anyone.


    Thank You for reading the blog.


    If you need any kind of support/assistance then kindly raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]

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