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    How to use web API call in Magento 2

    Today we will learn how to use the Magento 2 webapi as Ajax request in Magento 2 for Fetching, saving and for any operation in your module.
    Magento 2 webapi : To know about Magento Web Api please refer to our wonderful blog WEB API .
    You can use the Magento WebApi in any page but here I am going to Guide you , how to use in Customer registration page.

    If you are new to Magento 2 then first please refer this Guide to know the Magento 2’s basic Directory Structure.

    Step 1 : I am assuming that you have a basic idea of Magento 2 Structure and Web API now.
    so let start with the create Layout handle.
    Create handle  in this location : app/code/<namespace>/<module_name>/view/frontend/layout/customer_account_create.xml and paste the below code :

    In above I have used knockout Component you can do this with widgets as well.

    step 2 : Create webapi.xml in this location app/code/<namespace>/<module_name>/etc/webapi.xml

    Step 3 : Create service contract in this location app/code/<namespace>/<module_name>/Api/XyzInterface.php

    Step 4 :  Create Model and Implement the Interface defined (I hope you must be aware with it if now than follow this Guide Repositories ) .

    Step 5 :  Api call : In Magento two we have a javascript module named as mage/storage , this class or module is used for ajax calling, here is the sample code to  use it .

    The above is the complete sample by which you can use the magento knockout storage module for any operation of ajax.

    Note : Run the above JS code on any event. I have used button and a text box for sample.
    Please read the links as well that I have added in between the blog If not checked yet.

    Hope this will help and if you have any Query then feel free to ask below in the comment section.

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