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    Uploading file through Selenium Webdriver

    Uploading file is a common scenario found in many website now a days. We can handle uploading file through selenium webdriver. Below is the screenshot of upload file from chrome browser :-

    Step by step execution of Code:-

    1. First we will set the path of chrome driver :-

    2. Create a instance of ChromeDriver constructor.

    Here, WebDriver is an interface, driver is a reference variable, ChromeDriver() is a constructor, new is  a keyword and new ChromeDriver () is an object.

    3. Give the navigation of the page in which we want to upload the file :-

    4. Now we will find upload button WebElement in the page.

    Here, findElement() finds a single web element and returns as a WebElement object.

    5.  Now we will enter the file path onto the file-selection input field.

    Note :- WebDriver automatically enters the file path onto the file-selection text box of the <input type=”file”> element.

    6. Finally, we will click on the upload button.

    Below is the complete code :-

    After running this script,we will be able to upload the file successfully and we get a message similar to the one shown in below screenshot :-

    This is all about uploading files through Selenium WebDriver.

    Thanks for reading this blog 🙂

    Happy testing!!


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  • surbhi nahta
    I genuinely enjoyed this. It was extremely educational as well as helpful. I will return to examine on new posts.
    • Rajan Dimri
      We’re glad you like our blog. Thank You!
  • Naman
    Not most of the time, it works . Is there any other option apart from using sendkeys available to upload file.
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