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    Understanding currying in javascript

    Simply speaking, currying in javascript enhances the reusability of functional code with multiple arguments. It is used to transform your function to one or more arguments. Let us understand with one simple example first.

    Normal javascript (not using currying):

    Now using currying:

    Here, in this example, we have passed an argument first and using that variable for passing the further argument.

    Now, I’m providing a better example in which currying is used to a bit more extent and it will also help you understand it better. Here, I’m providing an example for the formatting of currency.

    First, I’m providing an example without using currying.

    Now, the same has been done after applying currying.

    Here, you have noted that we have made a better use of functional code by using it for multiple cases. You can do a lot more with the currying. Hope, this blog helps you to learn something about currying.

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