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How to Create UBER Clone App?

Updated 28 October 2022

Nowadays it’s easy to start a business like UBER or a Delivery/logistic-based business idea like Uber Eats. Especially, if you are planning to have a Hyperlocal System based taxi/bike or delivery/logistic business model then you need to have a strategy to fulfil the “on-time demand”.


It is said that time is money. To save the customers’ time, you need to have such technologies so that your customer will not face any delay. They are updated with the correct information about the time/money/delivery/distance etc.

The Mobile Application is having a superior role UBER like the business model. Webkul is providing the solution for such a business model to achieve the business goal.

Mobikul – Delivery Boy/Driver App

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Where the Admin and Driver can log in to the Application for Order/Delivery/Booking management.

The admin can assign any unassigned orders to any respective available driver, by clicking on ‘Choose Delivery Boy‘, in accordance with his availability and Status.

Order Assignment to Delivery Boy

Easy Registration for Drivers/Delivery Boy:

The admin needs to fill in some basic details for the driver for the registration as per the below image. No complicated process.

Driver's Registration processDriver's Account Information

Live Order Tracking

The customer can easily track the driver’s live location through the GPS tracking feature. Also, the customer can check the estimated time to reach the driver at his/her location.

Live ORDER Tracking

The customer queries are resolved by the admin or any support agent assigned by the admin on a chat system. This helps in improving the quality of delivery and the satisfaction level of customers.

Support Chat System

You can know more about the drive App/Delivery Boy by clicking here.

White Labeled On-Demand Fleet Management

Fleet Management is the most important part of the UBER/Delivery/logistics type business model. Being a fleet partner, it’s an important role to manage the drivers and their performance.

If anyone wants to become a fleet partner who is having drivers or vehicles to work for a business like a taxi/delivery/Uber then it’s the easiest way to connect with this model.

  • Track the live location of drivers where they are. Also, the order assignment can be managed in a very professional way by checking the availability of drivers.
  •  There will be a reporting system to track the drivers’ performance day-to-day.
  • The driver will be aware of orders with respect to Pickup and delivery location through the Application.
  • Dashboard for the sales report for the business and earning report for the drivers.
  • Complete the report section, if the driver is collecting the cash from the customers in the case of Cash on delivery (COD) or Pay on Delivery (POD).

    Driver's DashboardAdmin's Dashboard

    Image (left to right) – Driver’s dashboard and admin’s dashboard

Get Started – Uber Clone App

Also, there are many business models and industries which are working on the same business model as the explained scenario.

Also, if you want to run your business based on following business models like the Uber clone app or Uber Eats, Swiggy, BigBasket, Instacart, or any hyperlocal/delivery/logistics-based business model than it’s easier now to have or to work on.

For any query or suggestions get back to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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