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    Top Five Magento SlideShows

    Top Five Magento SlideShows : Magento is an open source eCommerce solution. Magento Slideshow is built to call images from any specified folders and push them into slideshow to display a beautiful banner.

    1 – Apple Like Product Gallery : Convert your magento store into completely apple style slideshow with the help of this awesome module. You can add any number of products from the module admin. Sleek Design working in all modern browsers.(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc). Adjust height and width from the magento module admin and tons of other effect .

    Apple Like Product Gallery

    2 – Image News Slider : This is the first kind of magento image news slideshow, where you can display your slideshow images + news content . You can add any number of images. It is sleek and fast. All modern Browser Support (IE7+,FF,Chrome).

    Image News Slider

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    3 – Accordion SlideShow : Magento accordion slideshow is an awesome module by which you can apply beautiful effect on your site. You can add any number of images in this module. Use Accordion Slideshow to display your featured articles, stories or products in the most eye-catching way.

    Accordion SlideShow

    4 –Frontpage Slideshow : Amazing Magento  Slideshow with 26 Flash Type Animations , done in javascript . Fully configurable and with a lot of options.You can add unlimited number of images, titles and link them to to your pages.

    Frontpage SlideShow

    5 – Banner Slideshow : Banner slider is an awesome module by which you can add any number of images in the slideshow. You can adjust width and height as per your ease. You can use This extension on multiple places within a single page.

    Banner Slider

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