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Top 5 Open Source Marketplace Software

Updated 21 December 2023

The open-source marketplace software will continue to be popular due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility in customizing features. It also becomes more advanced as developers give the best modifications to the technology.

An Open-source platform makes its source code accessible for commercial usage and modification without restriction. It can help to reduce the time and cost of your online marketplace project by using open-source software.

How to choose the best open-source Marketplace solution


List your key marketplace requirements

You need to list all the features that you want in your open-source marketplace software. Because no marketplace offers everything you need for your business. So, the listing key will help you to compare the functionality according to your needs.

If you need to custom-develop and even want to add a single key feature for your open-source marketplace at the beginning, your time and cost will be high. 

There are many features you have no use for, and they will complicate your code and customization. And this will also take time and cost to find a solution with the right thing.

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Visit the feedback and the documentation

First, there are success stories and real-world use cases for the marketplace you want to develop. What helps offer when you need it? So, the developer can do the modification according to the customer requirements for their business. 

A community forum is a quick approach to determining the most significant problems and deciding whether you are willing to work them out. You can get the answers to your most frequent inquiries about development.

Review the developer experience

Make sure you consider the installing part, gather the need, and change it. Read the developer tutorial if it is available for the module.

Check the developer tools to see if there is an API available. If so, are there SDKs available for various programming languages?

Exists a command-line tool for developers? What type of error monitoring tooling is available? How long does it take to execute the test set? Does it have automated testing in place?

Here are the Top 5 Open-Source Marketplaces

If you are going to start your eCommerce Marketplace store, search for the best open-source platforms from the below-mentioned list. Here is a brief description of the latest trending Open-source Marketplace software.


Bagisto is a PHP Laravel framework based on an open-source eCommerce platform. It is a free and open-source framework that gives you many features and provides complete control over your business.


Built on top, Laravel has the best future ahead in case of development. Even non-tech users will find the framework flexible and easy to use. They need time to complete the same as the user guide update need and currently working task link.

Bagisto Marketplace is an extension of Bagisto that enables vendors to create their stores within the platform and sell their products. It provides a modular, scalable, and customizable solution for online businesses. 


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage online stores. The Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace is an online platform where developers and vendors can sell their extensions, themes, and other solutions to customers of the Magento e-commerce platform.


Magento Marketplace gives qualified developers the resources, platform, and ideal setting to launch a business while offering retailers a selected solution. It provides a variety of extensions that are offered both for purchase and those that are free.


WooCommerce is currently one of the most demanding eCommerce systems for new businesses. It is much-likable by developers as well as store owners.

It is an open-source WordPress eCommerce plugin used to create an online store or a marketplace. It offers a range of features and can also be customized using third-party plugins and themes.


The Woocommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace used Gutenberg blocks to give you the most significant degree of customization and freedom. 


You may create an online business with OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace, a PHP-based content management system. These days, Opencart is the fastest-growing industry in eCommerce platforms.


You have a great way to set up an online store using the free OpenCart platform. According to a recent market survey, more than 650 thousand stores are using OpenCart.

More than 13,000 plugins are available on the Opencart Marketplace. These plugins create by individuals from all over the world and can use as paid and free extensions.


If you are looking for easy, customizable, SEO-integrated shopping cart software with good features at a reasonable rate, then you should go for CS-Cart. 

CS-Cart builds with open-source technologies, such as PHP language and MySQL. So, its functionality can update and extended to meet your unique requirements according to your business.


A Multi-Vendor version of CS-Cart is also available. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor MarketPlace is an enhanced eCommerce platform that allows many independent sellers to be in an online marketplace.

Wrapping Up

As we discussed, now every company demands an open-source marketplace for their business. So, here are some points where you can choose which platform you need for your business according to your requirements and modifications. 

However, it’s important to remember that the popularity and availability of open-source marketplaces can change over time. So, it’s always a good idea to research and compare different options before choosing a platform for your specific needs.

That is about the Top 5 Open Source Marketplace Software. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at Webkul Support System.

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