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    Top 3 open source CRM software [ FREE ]

    CRM helps your organization to build better relationships with clients so that you will get high business growth. Here I will explain “Top 3 open source CRM software”.

    CRM is used to communicate with prospective clients, getting them onboard, sending quotations, collecting customer data, and analyzed customer life cycles.

    There are a lot of expensive CRM available in the CRM industry like Zoho, Salesforce, Freshworks, and many more.

    Sadly there are very few truly open source and free alternative CRM software available. In this blog, we will discuss about Top 3 open source CRM software.

    Opensource CRM Stats

    CRM software revenues have overtaken database management systems to become the largest of all software markets.


    And with revenues expected to reach over $80 billion by 2025, it’s no surprise that CRM is the fastest growing software market.

    What is Open Source CRM(Customer Relationship Management)?

    A CRM being open source means that Its source code is publicly available. So this source code can be modify, distributed, and redistributed by users and their requirements.

    Developers get together on the GitHub platform or any other platform to fix issues, add new features, add an enhancement.

    Top 3 open source CRM software

    Here I am going to discuss the most commonly used opensurce CRM platform so that you can make better choice.

    Odoo CRM

    With over 5 million users Odoo is the top open-source CRM. Odoo is an open-source ERP software that comes with various modules that include CRM modules as well. 

    Odoo Is highly complex and along with CRM that includes WMS, HR management software, and many modules. 



    Github Repository:-


    • Built on python and very popular community available.
    • Easy to use UI/UX with pipeline and leads management.
    • Kanban View to track sales Lead


    • A highly complex platform is not an easy task to customize
    • Not a dedicated CRM software it is a module so the extra load will be there on the server
    • During customization need to be taken care of other models as well because it is tightly integrate with other functionality.


    SuiteCRM is one of the most popular PHP-based open source CRM software. It is open-source and includes REST API that will help you to seamlessly integrate with your other business system.

    The most important thing with SuiteCRM It is completely free with no limitation on users.


    Github Repository:-


    • A popular community is available.
    • Marketplace extension is also available; vendors can add their own plugins.
    • It is built on scratch PHP so anyone can customize it as per their need.
    • In-built marketing modules.


    • UI is a little outdated so improvement is require in UI. 
    • It is not using any standard framework in CRM development so it’s hard to upgrade and long learning cycle.
    • Developer guide needs to be update.
    • It becomes slow on large databases.

    Krayin CRM:-

    Krayin CRM is a new kid in open source CRM software.  It is built on the most popular PHP framework Laravel, since krayin inherits features of laravel, this makes Krayin super flexible and scalable CRM software.


    Github Repository:-



    • Built on laravel which is the most popular PHP based framework
    • Easy customization
    • Cmplete modular architecture also Marketplace for CRM apps is also available(coming soon)
    • Easy to create lead and manage through Kanban view
    • Unlimited Custom field(custom attribute)


    • It is a new CRM software so don’t have big community
    • More documentation required.

    Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket from here.

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