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    How to speed up Magento admin?

     How to speed up Magento admin ? after checking this question in quora i thought i should share the same answer here as well .

    I can see most of the fellow developers  are suggesting to enable compiler , its quite subjective point to discuss in details . 

    OpCode cache – as the new php version opcode cache is already there so enabling compiler will not help that much or if you are using APC its the same thing . 

    Speeding magento back-end from front end is little different , where combining the js or css will not help that much  (it will help a but make sure core features are there and working as its not advisable to make the changes in magento admin structure ) 

    As per the introduction of new php version or using APC it will surely boost the performance ( php compilation time )

    Apart from that  there are more reasons to check on it . 

    Mysql query tuning  and benchmarking – make sure if you are using any third party admin plugin they are properly coded and there should not be any slow query issues . You can use following tools to measure that . 

    that is a major part for the optimisation to find out where the issue is , always remember premature optimisation is evil  

    Reverse Proxy – if you are getting really massive no of hits or traffic during peak time i would suggest to use revers proxies with better hardware 

    • Nginx
    • varnish

    Nginx is well supported and it will work as web server and reverse proxy . 

    Varnish is brilliant and surely boost the performance out of the box , make sure you are using wrappers for SSL , because varnish does not support SSL . 

    (also the minor issues is debugging it will be hard to debug is you are using varnish )

    Redis – if you are using magento 1.8+ i would strongly suggest  to use redis it is very well supported with with two level cache system of magento and will boost the performance for sure . 

    Note – I will strongly recommend to debug the system first using debugging tools or profilers (mytop and xdebug) and then apply the optimisation concepts dont go for random cache handler installation .


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