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Shopware6 Custom option

Updated 13 August 2021


Custom option is simple to access to offer a choice of product variations that do not rely on attributes. The conditions are that you cannot track inventory based on any variation and that a product with custom option cannot be used with a configurable, grouped, or bundle product.

How to create a Custom Option?

Custom option is easy to create since you do not require to maintain separate products as individual variants.

You can find modules under Settings > System > Custom fields.


To create a set click on the Add New set button.


A new page will open.

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General information

  • A technical name has to be unique and cannot be change later.
  • You can assign a label, which is use, among other things, for the display in the administration.
  • Admin can select the label in English and German both.
  • The label is used to assign a name that can be easily understood by the user.
  • Next, here the admin can assign category related to the custom field.

After, click on the New custom field.


On the next page these configuration options are available for creating a custom selection field:

Technical name – Unique name for the custom field. It can only be used once in the system and cannot be changed later.

Position: Controls the custom field’s position on detail pages.

Type – Here admin can select a custom type.

Required – Makes this custom field required on detail pages.


Here the admin can enter the multiple fields. The admin can also delete the field. After filling all the option admin can click on the add button. Then a Custom option is added in the product category.


After that, you can see that one custom option is visible in the custom fields.


Product page

Now goto  Catalogues ->Product. On the Products, click on the any specific product.


When you will click the product, a new page will open. Here you can see their Custom field option is visible.


Use Case

With the help of the custom field, the admin can add extra information related to products that will be visible on the front store. That’ll be shown somewhere below the Product Data section.

Need help?

So, that’s all for Shopware6 custom Option. For any further, assistance, just raise a ticket here and for any doubt contact us at [email protected].

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Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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