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Shopware 6 Marketplace Membership

Updated 6 October 2023

Shopware 6 Marketplace Membership: By using this module admin can restrict the seller to upload products to his account. The seller can add products after paying the amount which is set by the admin. In this for becoming a partner seller need to pay to admin.

Basic Requirements –

  • This module is an addon of the Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace. To use this module you must install Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace for Shopware 6. For more details refer to this guide.

Check a brief overview of the plugin –



  • Admin can make an Auto Membership of any membership group for automatically assigned to new sellers on registration time.
  • The seller can purchase a membership plan from the Add Membership side menu in the storefront.
  • The seller can create a quote for extra quantity and price for adding products from Quote For Membership side menu.
  • Admin can create a Membership Group and assign it to the seller.
  • The seller can Approve/Disapprove its own products.
  • The seller can relist their own products after expired of listing duration


To install MP-MemberShip for Shopware 6 provides two ways to upload the plugin to the server.

Installation using commands

Customers will get a zip folder, then they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. After extracting the  WebkulMPMembership folder, the customer needs to transfer these custom > plugins on the server, as shown in the image below:

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After the successful installation, you have to run these commands in the Shopware root directory.

Run this command to refresh the plugin –

/bin/console plugin:refresh

Go to your Shopware installation Root directory then run this command to install then activate the plugin –

./bin/console plugin:install --activate WebkulMPMembership

To installing the assets(CSS/JS)

./bin/console assets:install

To clear the cache run this command –

./bin/console c:c

Now refresh the administration.

Manual Installation

1) Extract the zip file of the plugin.

2) Goto your Shopware 6 installation backend panel after that navigate to Extensions->My Extensions after that you can find all the installed plugins in it.


For installing the plugin, the user can click on the Upload Extension button. The user can upload the plugin zip( WebkulMPMembership) here.

3) After uploading the plugin zip, the user can see the plugin in the list.


4) Now the user can click on the install icon to install the Shopware Marketplace Membership Upload plugin.

5) After the installation of the plugin, the user can click to activate the plugin.


6) After clicking on the plugin, the user can see all the installed plugins in the Shopware. The user can click on the “…” icon for the configuration option of the plugin.


After clicking on the Config icon, the user can see these options:

  • Sales Channel- Here, we can select sales channel.
  • After Membership Expiry – If it is enabled then membership will expire.
  • Clear Previous Membership – When the seller buys a new membership or renews his membership than his remaining membership product, quantity and listing will be added with his new membership or not will depend on this setting here.

After entering the details, the admin can click on the Save button.

Admin Management

After the successful installation of the Shopware Marketplace Membership Upload, the admin can configure the module.

For that, they need to navigate through Setting-> Extensions click on Extensions.


After that let’s explain each tab one by one.

Members Partner

In this field, you can see all the membership lists as well as can add the new members. The type of membership admin can add from their end as well.


After clicking on the add new button below page will open. Here you can enter

  • Seller Name
  • Membership Group
  • Remaining Quantity
  • Remaining Limit Price
  • Pyment status
  • Active Status

After that click to Save button.

Membership Group

Here you can add new groups, as well as admin, can also edit and delete the previously inserted groups.

Note –  Automatic Membership is a free membership. It will also assign automatically when the seller creates an account.


After clicking on Add button below page will open. Their admin can add a new group.


Under general settings, the admin needs to enter the following details –

  • Group Name – Enter the membership name here.
  • Group Image – Upload the group image.
  • Expire In – Enter the duration for the expiry of the membership group.
  • Membership Options – Add the membership purchase option with the price.
  • Automatic Membership – By selecting the checkbox the membership group will approve automatically.
  • Select Payment – Select payment method which you want to not display on checkout.
  • Price – Enter the price here.

After that admin will click on the commission tab.


In this admin enter the category-wise commission for the membership group.


After that admin will click on the allowed quantities/product tab.

Allowed Quantities/Products

Under this tab, the admin can define the following for the Membership partners –

  • Quantity/Price – Enter the category, quantity, and price for the entered category quantity.
  • Default No. of Products/Price – Enter the default quantity and price here that will be applied to the remaining quantity.
  • Listing Duration – Enter the listing duration for the categories in days.
  • Default Listing Duration – The default listing duration in days will work for the remaining categories.

After that click on to Save button.

Membership Group Quotation

Using the Membership Group Quotation button the admin can view the list of all the quotations which are made by the seller.


Once the seller will request quotations from the frontend then the admin can view the detail of any quotations also can approve/disapprove its request.

Once the admin will click on the view button then a pop-up will appear in which the admin can check the requested membership quote details.



The seller can see the Add Membership field under the marketplace section. Here seller can see the seller membership.


When the seller will click on “View Membership Details” then a pop-up will appear using that the seller can view the entire details of that membership.


After that warning message will appear if your membership has been expired.


In the Product menu tab if the product action will be expired to renew the product click on the button shown in the below image:


After that when you will click on Update product.


Once the seller membership is expired then while updating the product a warning message will appear.

Note –  Once you renew or purchase a new membership plan you can update the product or add the products.


Membership Group Quotation

In the front-end, the seller can click on Quote for Membership to view all the requested quotations.

In this, the seller can add a new product if there the remaining number of products of the seller will be 0 and, the seller membership is not expired with Quote for Membership the seller can request admin to add more products.


Even the seller can click on the add button to request a new quotation.


Then click to save button. A new quotation will be added to all the requested quotations till the admin will not approve the quotation it status will be not approved.


Admin End


Now admin will click on the status of the group quotation to approve the request by the seller.


Once the admin will approve on the top right side a notification will pop up “Membership Quote updated successfully”.


In the front-end seller will find the status approved and, there will be a new button in the action tab Add to Cart.

After this seller can renew the membership after completing the order



That’s all about our Shopware Marketplace Membership module. If you have still any queries, please create a support ticket at-

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Current Product Version - 1.0.4

Supported Framework Version - Shopware

Blog Version - Shopware
  • Version Shopware6.3.5.4
  • Version Shopware
  • Version Shopware
  • Version Shopware
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