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Shopware AI Chatbot Using ChatGPT and Llama 3

Updated 23 May 2024

Shopware AI Chatbot using ChatGPT and Llama 3 enables the customer to ask AI chatbot questions related to specific products.

In response to the asked question, customers will get a quick NLP response with that related product.

The AI Chatbot allows customers to interact naturally with the AI chatbot, which answers product-related questions and retrieves information from your database. 

The AI Chatbot has been created using the Open Source LLM and Vector database and can be utilized on eCommerce stores.

Also, this AI chatbot supports ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4.0.

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Overview of Llama 3

The latest AI Chatbot virtual assistant for the Shopware based stores built with current Llama 3 Large Language Model .

Llama 3’s improved Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities allow it to comprehend context, make sense, and create answers.

Llama 3 is Open Source and you can host it anywhere without the need of making any payments.

Hence, Llama 3 allows more interactions, and can take up more complex input handling as compared compared to it’s previous versions like – Llama 2 or 1.

Shopware AI Chatbot using Llama 3

Let’s dive in to how good the AI Chatbot using Llama 3 is!

You can easily achieve this functionality via Shopware development services.

You can also check the video below:


Customer Frontend

Here, many products are shown on the shopware frontend, and the customer can directly ask the AI chatbot about a specific product.

Dashboard with AI chatbot using Llama 3 LLM

In AI chatbot, after the query about the product, it will provide the information about the related product.

All product information AI chatbot using Llama 3

Once, the customer received the list of products from the AI chatbot, you also have the option to request a direct product page link for easy access to a specific product.

After clicking on link, you will be redirected to the product page.

Here, I misspelled Webkul, however, the AI chatbot was able to provide the accurate information, The AI chatbot has the ability to process and produce accurate text.

Product details - AI chatbot using Llama 3

Also, mobile app development service can integrate the feature of AI Chatbot using Llama 3 in the Shopware mobile app.

Configurable Product:

Upon selecting the webkul t-shirt link, the webpage will automatically redirect to the product page of webkul t-shirt.

The customers can even get the result for their queries if they request specific product along with its attributes.

The AI virtual assistant answered the queries  with the exact product results that have those product attributes.

Configurable product - AI chatbot Uisng Llama 3


So, that was much about the Shopware AI Chatbot using ChatGPT and Llama 3.

For any queries or doubts drop us an email at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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