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    Warranty Management App for Shopify – [ User Guide ]

    Warranty is a promise that you make to your customers about the products you are selling on your eCommerce store. This will not only elevate your online sales but also enable customers to build trust in your eCommerce site.

    Considering these facts, Webkul is here to introduce a new app to manage warranty on products namely “Warranty Management“. It helps the admin in adding warranties to products available on their Shopify store.

    Through this app, you can select the product from your store and set a warranty on each of them with a proper description of warranty duration and warranty facilities. It also helps you to add default as well as the extended warranty to products, in case, the customer wants to extend the warranty time duration.

    Customers will also get registered and extended warranty options which help them to extend the warranty duration on products via the Warranty Management app.

    Additional Features

    • Admin can add, enable or disable warranties to products.
    • Also, he can create default as well as extended warranties to products.
    • Admin can view the extended warranty history of the customers.
    • Also, he can send a reminder to the customers through the mail before and after the warranty expires.
    • Customers can extend the warranty on products.
    • Customers can view warranty history in his “My Account” section.


    In order to get the Warranty Management app on your store, all you need to do is visit the Landing Page of the app. There you need to enter your store URL and then click on the Install button to get the app on your store.



    How to configure Warranty Management app?


    The configuration of the Warranty Management app for Shopify will take just a few seconds of yours. It has four sections through which you can configure your general details, reset labels, configure emails as well as themes of your store.

    Have a look at these four configurations.

    1. General Configuartion

    from here, you can configure your general details such as domain name, business email, shop logo. Moreover, you can set the number of days before which you want to send the reminder mail to your customer before the warranty expires.

    general configuration

    Choose where to Redirect Customer

    In the app, you can choose whether you want to redirect customers to the cart page or to the checkout page while purchasing products with warranty.

    For this, you simply need to visit Warranty App admin panel>>Go to Configuration>>General Configuration>>Select the option.


    PLEASE NOTE:- If you select it for Cart Page, the customer will be able to add warranty as well as non-warranty products to cart at the same time but as we add one warranty product along with the product to be purchased with warranty, you need to make sure that the customers are not removing that warranty product from the cart.
    If the warranty product will be removed from the cart page, the product can’t be purchased with warranty.

    2. Label Configuration

    warranty app3

    Here, the admin can configure the labels as per his choice to make it visible on the frontend.

    3. Mail Configuration

    Here, you can configure the reminder mail as well as expired mail which the customer receives before and after the warranty expires.

    warranty app4

    In this way, you can configure the reminder mail which is sent to the customer before the warranty expires.

    warranty app5

    In this way, you can configure the expired mail which the customer receives after the product warranty expires.

    4. Theme Configuration

    Here, you can change the frontend look by resetting the theme color as per your choice.

    warranty app 6

    Warranty Products

    This section of the Warranty Management App shows a list of products on which warranty is created. You can create warranties on products simply by clicking the “Add Product” button on the upper right corner of the page.

    warranty app 7

    In one click, you will get a list of products available on your store. Select the one to which You want to add a warranty.

    warranty app 8

    Once you select any product, the “Add Warranty” section appears to you with the product name and price. Here, you can set warranty type, warranty time duration, warranty facilities as well as warranty site.

    warranty app 9
    warranty app 10

    Admin Panel>>Warranty Management app>Click Warranty Products>>Click Add Product>>Select any product>>Fill warranty details>>Click on Save button.

    The product on which you have created a warranty, you can edit, enable or disable the product warranty from this section only.

    Take a glance at the screenshots to understand them properly.

    warranty app 11

    Once you click this edit button “Update warranty” section appears to you.

    Here, you can update the warranty type, time duration of product warranty, warranty facilities as well as warranty site. You will also get the option to add some warranty description and terms & conditions of the product warranty.

    warranty app 12
    warranty app 13

    Also, you will have a section of “Extended Warranty Detail” where you can add, edit, enable or disable the extended warranty on products.

    warranty app 14

    From the warranty product section of the app, you can view the products on which you have created a warranty. Just click on the product ID and view the product how it appears on the frontend.

    warranty app 15

    NOTE:- You can also add warranties to products simply by selecting that product from the product section of Your Store.

    Go to Admin panel>>Click on “Products”>>Select any product>>Click on “More actions”>>Click “Product Warranty”>>Fill all the details (in “Add Warranty” section)>>Click on “Save” button.

    Add Warranties Via CSV

    You can now add warranty products via CSV upload. Simply visit the Warranty Products section>>Click Add Product through CSV button and uplaod the CSV file.

    Warranty Management

    We recommend you to download the instruction file and follow it carefully while preparing CSV file.
    Note : You can upload a maximum of 100 records at a time.

    Warranty Management

    Warranty Customers

    In this section, you will have a complete list of customers who have registered warranties on products. You can view all the warranty details of the customer just by clicking the “View Details” option in the action menu.

    warranty app 16

    You can sort the warranty customers by their order ID, name or number of products.

    Once you click on “View Details” button, warranty detail page of that customer gets appeared to you.

    warranty app 17
    warranty app 18

    There, you will get all the warranty products of that customer with all the product details.

    View these details in the screenshot below.

    warranty app 19

    You can also view as well as edit a unique serial number of the warranty product(if you have set the warranty type as Serial number).

    warranty app 20

    Additionally, you will also get an option to add or auto-generate the serial number on the product.

    warranty app 21
    warranty app 22

    In the warranty product detail section, two buttons will be visible to you.

    “Send Reminder” button and “Extended Warranty History” button.

    1. Send Reminder- You can send reminder emails to the customers before and after the product expires.
    2. Extended Warranty History- Here, you can view the warranty history of that product on which the customer has extended the warranty.
    warranty app 23

    In this section, you will also get the “Extended warranty option”. With this, you can add or edit the warranty period of any product from backend. You can click this button to update warranty details of that product.

    warranty app 24

    In this way, you as admin can manage the warranty on any product from backend.

    Customer End

    The customers will see the product warranty on the product description page:

    Add Warranty

    In case, you have added the extended warranty to any product, the same will be visible like this on your store’s product page:-

    warranty extend

    In this Warranty Management App, customers will also get an option to view all the warranty product details in the “My Account” section.

    warranty app 25

    Once they click on “View Warranty” button, a page appears on which customer can view all the warranty details.

    In the action menu, the customer will get the option to extend warranty on products and he/she can view the warranty history as well.

    warranty app 26

    Once the customer clicks “Extend Warranty” button, he can view all the product details and the duration up to which he can extend warranty on that product.

    warranty app 27

    The warranty history page appears like this (as shown in the screenshot below) on customer end.

    warranty app 28

    In this way, customer will get all these benefits from the “Warranty Management” app.


    The warranty Management system app will work once you configure its frontend. To do so, you just need to copy the specified codes and paste it to their respective template file.

    In order to show the “default warranty” information on the product page, just copy the below given code and paste it to sections/product-template.liquid file.

    <div class="wk_default_warranty" customer_id = "{{ }}" product_id="{{ }}" product_type = "{{ product.type }}"></div>

    In order to show “view warranty button” on customer account page, copy the below given code and paste it to template/customers/account.liquid file.

    <div id = "wk_view_warranty" customer_id="{{ }}" customer_email = "{{ }}"></div>;

    Important Note:- A default product named “Warranty Product” is created to manage the extended warranty feature of the warranty management app. Please don’t delete that product.

    Code Pasting for Online Store 2.0

    To show the warranty information on the product page

    You have to add the codes to sections/main-product.liquid file:-

    <div class="wk_default_warranty" variant_available="{{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant.available }}" variant_id="{{ }}" customer_id = "{{ }}" product_id="{{ }}" product_type = "{{ product.type }}"></div>

    To show “View Warranty” button on customer account page

    You have to add the templates/customers/account.liquid file:-

    <div id = "wk_view_warranty" customer_id="{{ }}" customer_email = "{{ }}"></div>


    Click on the link below to get the backend as well as frontend demo links:


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