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Gain Customer Trust by offering Warranty on Shopify Store Products

Updated 16 December 2019

Warranty is mainly an assurance about the product life. It’s a promise that the product manufacturer makes with the customers regarding product maintenance, repair, replace, etc.

In eCommerce term, Providing product warranty is a major step to stand behind the product that you sell on your online store. This will not only build customer loyalty but also protect your brand’s reputation if you are new in the eCommerce market.

Sell Shopify Store Products with Warranty

Let’s talk about Shopify, one of the most simplified eCommerce solutions to create an online store!
Being a beginner, if you run a Shopify store, initially, it’s quite complex to drive huge traffic on your store. You definitely need to take a smart step to let more & more customers purchase your items.

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.”

― Kevin Stirtz

Typically, if you sell electronic items on your store, you need to stand behind your product before getting it delivered to customers. As it is important to let them ensure that the item they purchase has a surety that they can be repaired in case of any damage or fault.

Searching for a Shopify
Headless solution ?
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Warranty Management App

Then comes the need for an app that let the merchants set warranty on their Shopify store products. Warranty Management is one such app to be installed to the Shopify store.

Existing Features of Warranty Management App

  • ADD WARRANTY:- You can set warranty to your existing Shopify store products & give insurance of the products you sell.
  • EXTEND WARRANTY:- You can extend warranties on products in case you want customers to extend the warranty duration on any specific product they purchase.
  • REMINDER E-MAILS:- Get the option to send reminder emails to customers before & after the warranty expires.
  • WARRANTY FACILITIES:- Set the options on products whether you want to repair or replace the warranty products in case of any damage/fault.
  • SERIAL NUMBER:- Add a serial number on warranty products to keep the information with you as a record.
  • WARRANTY SITES:- The warranty app lets you select the site where you want to replace/repair the item whether on-site warranty or off-site warranty.

You need to set an On-site warranty if you want to visit the customer’s place to repair the items. This is the case when you offer items like Washing Machine, Television, Air Conditioner, Water purifier, Geyser, Refrigerator, and other Kitchen appliances on your Shopify store.

In case you sell products like Mobile phones, watches, Laptops, etc then comes the need for Off-site warranty. As customers can themselves visit your location carrying their items to get it repaired.

Step by Step User Guide of Warranty Management App

Major Benefits of Providing Warranty on Products

Show your dedication & care
If you care about your product and show your dedication, customers love to enjoy your products longer. This will build a stronger & healthy relationship with your potential customers which is the most important factor to leg up your business.

Boost Customer Loyalty
In order to grow an online business, it is crucial to building up customer trust. Providing warranty on products is an ultimate way to show your dedication in providing the best quality to the customers. Thus, you will get a boost to your valuable customer’s loyalty.

Engage Potential Customers
Another amazing benefit of providing product warranty is traffic that you get on your website. You can’t drive traffic to your website until & unless people find your product reliable.

Improve Your Sales Performance
By offering a warranty on a product, you can protect your customer’s budget from their unexpected expenditure. This ultimately increases the number of customers who are willing to buy protection products, resulting in getting a boost to your online sales performance.


If you are specialized in selling electronic items, kitchen appliances or gadgets on your Shopify store then, it is crucial to increase reliability by providing protection on the items you sell. Adding warranties to Shopify store products is the best way to achieve the same.

This will let you expand your brand’s global reach as well as set you apart from the global competition.

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