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Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Admin Staff

Updated 21 July 2022

We are here with another feature app within Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify called “Admin Staff“. It enables the store owner to add members and assign different permissions to them in order to manage activities on admin panel.

Once you approve the charges, USD 10 per month will get added over and above your current multivendor plan.


  • Admin can add staff members from his panel.
  • He can permit him/her to manage admin’s account on his behalf.
  • Also, he can deny the access of any section of his account.
  • Admin can see all the activities of the staff in “Admin Staff Activity” section.
  • He can edit, delete or disable the staff as per his requirement.
  • Now admin can give access to the staff subcategory wise.

Activation of this Feature

To make this feature work within the app, you need to enable it from the “Feature App” section of the admin panel.

Feature App

Scroll down to get the “Admin Staff” feature and click on “Enable” button to activate this feature.

Feature App enable

Once you click this enable button, you need to agree with the additional amount of USD 10 and approve the charges.

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Approve the charge

In this way, you can activate this feature within your Multivendor app.

How this feature works

In order to add staff members, admin can visit the “seller” section and click on “Add Staff” button in “My Staff” menu.

Add staff
Added Staffs

Here, admin can add staffs by filling the staff’s details as well as add/deny permission for the staffs.

Now, the admin can also select the subcategory to provide the access to the staff, as shown in the given image.

Note: For the existing staff member,by default the subcategory permission of the selected category selected or you can say permitted.

If the admin wants to make changes in the access then the admin needs to do it manually by ticking or unticking the checkbox.


Once the admin clicks on “Save” button after filling all staff details, a staff member gets added. The added staff will get notified for the same through a mail once permitted by the admin.

The added staff will get the credential via mail to access admin’s account.

You as an admin can configure this mail by editing the content by your own from “Mail Configuration” section.

Mail Configuration

Once the staff gets all the details via mail, he can manage admin’s account on his behalf.

Now, admin will provide a public URL to his staffs from where the staff can login to the admin’s account to manage permitted activities.

You can get this public URL for your staffs from the “Instruction for Marketplace” menu of the admin panel in the “Configuration” section.

admin staffs

Once this URL is entered, a login page for your staff appears. Staff can use his credentials received via mail to get access to admin’s account.

Staff Login

Once the staff login to this page, he/she gets redirected to the admin panel where the staff member can manage the sections of admin account for which he has given permission from the admin.

Staff Account

Once the staff member visits the “My Account” section, there he/she can get the option to update his/her account details as well as change his account’s password as per his choice.


That is how, an added staff can manage the admin’s account.


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