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    Mobixlab-Multivendor Marketplace Integration for Shopify

    You might be using the Mobixlab App, the first ever mobile app which can be easily integrated with your Store. Products that You add on your Store will get synced automatically to your mobile app and thus customers can easily shop from your store via Mobile Phones.

    Also, Multivendor Marketplace App helps you to convert your store into a fully-fledged marketplace where vendors get registered and they can sell their products on your store.

    So, Webkul has come up with this idea to integrate the Multivendor App with the Mobixlab app. Now, admin can display the list of vendors in the side menu of the mobile app. And, customers can view the products with seller profile page link in the mobile app, if configured by the admin from the Multivendor app.

    Clicking on the Seller Profile page link, Customers will be redirected to the Seller profile page. From there, they can view seller’s details such as Seller’s description, policies, contact details, if given by the seller.

    Please Note:- To make this integration work, admin needs to install the Multivendor App on his/her Store and then enable the Multivendor API feature app.


    • Admin can have the list of Vendors (who get registered on marketplace) in the Side menu of the mobile app.
    • Seller Profile page link will be visible to the customers on the product page of the mobile app, once configured by the admin.
    • Customers can view the profile page of the sellers selling the product on your store.
    • Additionally, customer can view the vendor description on product page.
    • Seller’s Description and Policies can also be shown to the customers.
    • Customer can provide feedback to the sellers.
    • Additional Information about sellers will also be visible to the Customers. Thus, customer can anytime contact seller in case of any query regarding the product.


    To make the functionalities work on your mobile app, You first need to install the Multivendor Marketplace on your Store.

    Now,Visit the Feature Apps section of the Mobixlab app and from there click on the “Enable” button to activate the app. 

    Once You install the Multivendor app and enabled the Multivendor API feature app, You need to generate credentials within the Mobixlab App.

    Now, You need to generate credentials within the app.

    Once You will generate the credentials, the functionalities will work accordingly on your mobile app.

    Mobile App View

    Once the admin configure all the app details and generate credentials from backend, the functionalities will work accordingly on your mobile app. Thus, in the side menu, customers will have the option to view the list of vendors, Vendors who are registered on your marketplace using Multivendor app.

    Now, clicking on the “Vendor” button, Customers will have the list of all the vendors who get registered on your Marketplace. Once they click on any of the Vendor names from the list, they will be straightaway redirected to that vendor’s profile page. There, Customers can view all the products of that vendor, seller’s description, policies, if added by the vendor.

    Right below the Seller’s profile page, customers can view seller’s description & policies if added by the seller and all the review of that seller.

    From the same page, customers can send feedback to that seller.

    Customers can also view the additional information about the seller on the seller profile page. Also, they can anytime contact the seller regarding the product via phone, email whatever provided by the seller.

    This is all about the Mobixlab-Multivendor app integration.

    Demo Details

    Use below link and credentials to use the demo of Mobixlab App:-


    Password: U8QpdBWK


    Password: demowebkul


    For any kind of technical assistance and suggestions, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Thank You For Reading this Blog!

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