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    Social Login: Mobile App Builder for Shopify‑ Mobikul

    We have come up with ‘Social Login’ integration with the Mobikul mobile app for Shopify. Using this integration, customers can sign up on your Shopify store using their social media accounts.

    To be more precise, Social Login is a single sign-on for end users. That means customers can use social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, to sign in to your Shopify website instead of creating a new login account specifically.

    With that said, let’s see how you can configure this integration within the Mobikul mobile app.

    Social Login App Installation

    To enable this feature, you need to visit the Mobikul Mobile App backend & then, click on the Integration section > App Store. From here install the app as shown below.

    Social Login App Installtion

    Charges: This feature will have an additional charge of USD 10 per month over & above your current Mobikul plan.

    Now, click on the Integration section > Configuration App: Enable the feature.

    This is all that you need to do in order to setup this integration. Furthermore, let’s check the customer end flow.

    Flow: Customer End

    This is how customers can sign up on your Shopify store via gmail account.

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