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    How To Generate Facebook App ID

    A Facebook App ID is a unique number that identifies your app when you request ads from Audience Network.

    Each app on Audience Network must have a unique Facebook App ID. You may already have an App ID if your app uses Facebook Login or Facebook Analytics for Apps.

    To get an App ID, follow these steps.

    Step One: Visit The Facebook Developers Page

    To start with, navigate your browser to the Facebook Developers page. You’ll need to login to your Facebook account.

    Once logged in, you’ll see a screen similar to this:

    To begin, click on “Add a New App” link under the “My Apps” menu in the top right corner.

    Step Two: Input Your New App’s Information

    Once you’ve clicked “Add a New App” link, a pop-up box will appear asking you for your new App’s Display Name, Contact E-Mail Address. Enter App’s Display Name and click on “Create App ID”.

    Step Three: Add Products In Your App

    Now you have to add “Facebook Login” product in your app. And to do that click on “Set Up” button.

    After clicking on “Set Up” button you will redirect to the “Quickstart” page.

    To get started, select the platform for this app. Now select “Web” platform for this app.

    Step Four: Set Up Your Product

    After clicking on “Web” a new tab will be open. Now enter your site URL here and click “Save” button.

    After clicking on “Save” button skip the remaining part. Now click on “Settings” in left side menu list.

    Enter redirect URL here ( for example “https://your-domain/auth_oauth/signin” in case of our website ajax login/sign-up module) and after that click “Save Changes” button to save the details.

    Step Five: Make Your App Live

    For making your app live you have to enter some more details. And for doing this click on “Basic” tab under the “Settings” in the left side menu list.

    After clicking on “Basic” tab you have to enter “App Domains” and “Privacy Policy URL” and make this app live by clicking switch button on top.

    Now your app will become live and you can get your App ID as shown in image.

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