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Add a Smart Wishlist to Shopify Mobile App

Updated 14 April 2023

Wishlists on e-commerce websites are a feature that allows customers to create a collection of products that they want to store in their user accounts.

A wishlist enables customers to construct customised groupings of things they want to purchase and store them to their user account for future reference.

You are most likely using the Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify.

Furthermore, customers can add their favorites to the wishlist to keep track of the things they are having their eyes.

Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify has now come up with a smart feature that is Wishlist Connector.

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Features of Wishlist Connector :

  • The customers can add the product to the wishlist.
  • Customers can create categories based on the collection.
  • The customers can choose my favorite collection from my wishlist.
  • Admin can enable the feature from the backend.

Benefits of Wishlist Connector :

  • Allows customers to build bespoke collections.
  • Give your consumer a peek inside their world.
  • Can assist you in dealing with out-of-stock products.
  • A fantastic approach to notify clients about a discount.
  • High-quality customer service.

Note: The Customer needs to install the ProductDreamlist App from – then only the wishlist module will be working in the Shopify Mobile App.

Activate the Feature :

To activate this feature, go to the Mobikul Mobile App backend and then click on the Integration section > App Store. Install the app as stated below from here :


Now, go to Integration > Configuration App: Enable the functionality.


Wishlist Connector: Customer End

Once the wishlist is enabled then it is showing on the customer end as given in the below snapshot.

Firstly you have to login into your account then the list of products will be shown as in given snapshot.

Home Page

Now, you need to select any one of the products.

In the lower area, you will see an option for a wishlist, from here you can add your loving products to the wishlist.


When you are adding any product to the wishlist then you will get a pop-up of adding that particular product into the category as shown below snapshot.


Now after tapping on the create option, a new category is created inside the wishlist.

Therefore you can see all your category list inside my wishlist option.


After this, you just need to move into your profile and there you will get an option of my wishlist just tap on that and the list will reflect here as shown below.


This is all about the wishlist connector at the Customer end.

Note: Only the registered Customers can able to make their wishlist, the visitor can not able to do the same.

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