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    Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify: Push Notification Feature App

    You might be using the Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify to provide your customers with an incredible & seamless mobile app experience.
    Due to the great success of this app, we worked on the app’s enhancement and came up with a few good features. One of them is the Push Notification Feature App.

    Using this featured app you can now send instant push notifications to customers and much more. The feature is free to use.

    Activate the Feature

    To enable this feature, you need to visit the Mobikul Mobile App backend & then, click on the Feature Apps section. From here activate the app.

    Further, visit Configurations > Push Notification > Firebase Configuration section to complete the configuration.

    Here, you need to enter these Firebase Credentials:

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    • FIREBASE CLOUD MESSAGING KEY: Mention your firebase cloud messaging key.
    • TOPIC

    Learn how to get these information: Click here.

    After getting the firebase credentials, you need to enable FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging). Checkout these links for android & iOS, respectively:

    • Generating Google-Service File to enable FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging) in android application
    • Generating a new GoogleService-Info.Plist File for the FCM based project for the IOS app

    Now, coming to Other Configuration. From here, enable automatic push notifications for the following actions:

    • Order fulfill
    • Order cancel
    • Product price drop
    • Order create

    Frontend view of the push notification:

    Custom Push Notification

    Let’s see how you can create custom push notifications within the app. Visit the Push Notification section and then click on + Notification.

    Clicking on the button, you will have the following pop-up:

    Here, you need to enter the following details:

    • Title: The heading of your push message.
    • Message: Add the details about your message.
    • Redirect Page: Select where you want your customers to redirect once they’ll click on the push notification. It could be Home Page, Product Page, or Category/Collection Page.
      Further, select the product or category to which you want them to redirect.
    • Select Customer: You can send the notification to all of your customers or to specified customers only.
    • Choose Customer: If you choose to send this particular push notification to specified customers only then select the customers by choosing the email ID.
    • Image: Add a push notification image.

    Once done, save the details. The notification will be listed in the push notification section. Refer:

    From here you can easily edit, delete or send the push message.

    This is how the frontend will look:

    Need Help?

    You can drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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