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    Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify- Updated UI

    Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify has now come up with an updated backend user interface which is much more convenient & concise. In this documentation, we will get into the new theme updates and if you want to check out the previous theme, please check this blog.

    Note for existing Mobikul App users: We are going to depreciate the old theme by 31st Jan 2021 so we request you to switch to new theme before that.

    About the app: Shopify Mobikul Mobile App is designed with a customer-centric approach. It enables users to have a complete online shopping experience from their smartphone and tablet devices. This app allows real-time synchronization of products, categories, orders, customers, and other relevant data.

    Mobikul Page Builder

    Once you’ll install the app, it will be listed as a sales channel. Clicking on it will drop you to the landing app of the app, i.e., the Page Builder:

    The page builder section lets you drag and drop different cards and allows you to add items to them instantly.
    On the left, you have the list of cards that you can drag on to the middle section, i.e., your mobile app widget and drop.

    You can change the positions of the added cards in the middle frame by dragging them & dropping them on the desired position. Make sure to click on the save button as shown below to save the changes:

    On the right, you have the option to add items to them.

    The type of cards that you can add:

    • Slider
    • Banner
    • Grid
    • Carousel
    • List
    • Product Carousel

    To add an item to a card, simply click on the ‘Add Item’ button:

    Further, select the product you want to add & then save the settings.

    In case the product isn’t available in the listing below, you can type in the name of the product and then choose the option to select a product from the Shopify store:

    This will display complete list of products of your Shopify store. Select the product from this listing & add:

    Further, if you want to edit the display image of the items added, click on edit:

    Upload a new image and save:

    Mobile Drawer Menu

    Moving on, we can add side panel menus to the mobile interface from here:

    Click on ‘Add menu item to this’. Further, add a title to the side panel menu and click on add.

    Moreover, you can add sub menus to this added menu like so:

    Further, you can either add a category or set a link for this menu & add.

    You can set the position of the cards by dragging & dropping them as per your choice. Refer:


    In this section, you will have different add-ons that you can use to enhance the functionalities.

    The Push Notification & App Settings section will be activated when you will install add-ons.

    -Using the Push Notification featured app you can now send instant push notifications to customers and much more. Know more.
    -You can integrate Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify with Mobikul Mobile App using Mobikul Multivendor Connector. This way your customers can easily filter products on a seller basis & shop from them.


    This section will list down the different plans that you can pick as per your business need.


    Use the help section to contact us regarding Mobile App, Configuration, or any other issue. All you’ll need to do is mention your name, email ID, request for and a message. Click on send message & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


    Visit this section to get an android or iOS demo:

    Note: Enter the shop name & token provided in the mobile demo page as shown in the image above.

    To have the demo, you need to scan the following code, enter your shop name & token.

    Get in touch: Drop your query/suggestion at or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    . . .

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