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    Marketplace Mobile App for Shopify

    Shopify Marketplace Mobile App – You might be using the Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify to provide your customers with an incredible & seamless mobile app experience.

    Due to the great success of this app, we worked on the app’s enhancement and came up with a few good features. One of them is the Push Notification Feature App and the one which we’ll discuss in this blog is Shopify Marketplace Mobile App.

    Using this featured app you can integrate Shopify Marketplace Mobile App with Mobikul Mobile App. This way your customers can easily filter products on a seller basis & shop from them.

    Highlights of the Connector

    • Via Mobikul Marketplace Connector, vendors can signup/login to their marketplace panel from the mobile end.
    • Vendors can further set up their marketplace profile and even edit it if needed.
    • Password can also be updated from the mobile end by the vendors.
    • Sellers can add products and further view product listings.
    • View feedback shared by customers and can also approve/disapprove them.
    • Vendors can easily manage orders from the mobile end. They can view orders as well as payment transaction lists.
    • Commission listing is also available on the mobile end.
    • There are various other listings that can be monitored by the vendor like product tags, type & collection listings.

    Video Tutorial

    Check the Shopify marketplace mobile app configuration of the home page from the admin SAAS store and how the changes reflect within the Shopify mobile app and how to view the changes made –


    Activate the Feature Mobikul Multivendor Connector

    To enable this feature, you need to visit the Mobikul Mobile App backend & then, click on the Integrations section. From here Install the app.

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    Now, click on Install to enable this feature & connect with Multivendor Marketplace.


    Further, to install the feature admin need to pay the amount and click on approve button to process further. Users can purchase the feature from the store.


    Once it gets approved the feature will install on the Shopify panel:


    Once the feature gets installed enable it by clicking on the learn more option.


    This action will successfully enable the connector.

    Now your Mobikul App will have a Seller Navigation which will list down all the sellers of the marketplace. Customers will be able to shop seller-wise.

    Mobile End View

    Seller Registration & Log-in

    Using the mobile app, sellers can log in to their marketplace seller panels. If they want to join the marketplace, they can even register themself.

    After the successful login as a seller, you will get a pop-up in your marketplace seller panel as shown in the given below snapshot.

    Marketplace Seller Dashboard & Seller Profile

    Once logged in, the seller will have all the seller panel navigation on the left-hand side as shown below. They can visit the dashboard to get an overview as well as update their profile from the ‘Seller Profile’ section.

    In the Seller profile section, you will get an option to fill out your basic information as well you can also add extra information along with images and store descriptions.

    In the Dashboard section, you will check all your records and earnings in the store section by applying a filter, you will also get an option to view all orders as well as view all the products.

    Manage Orders & Products

    Sellers can control orders and products using the mobile app with ease. Sellers may even upload new products on the go.

    Sellers can also view the complete orders list from the marketplace seller panel.

    Sellers can even view complete products record along with product ID, type, quantity, and status.

    Manage Sales, What’s new, and AR product list

    Sellers can also set products on sale, new products, and AR products in the app.

    Product Tags

    There are numerous different listings that can be monitored through the seller like product tag, type & commission listings. Sellers can hold check these stats on the go using the mobile app.

    Product tags may include the name of the product, a barcode for tracking, product information, and sometimes the SKU number. Sellers can be monitored these product tags as well.

    Product Types

    A Product Type is the collection of attributes that act as a template for products of the same type or kind. The seller can also have a hold on product types, the seller can monitor all product types from the marketplace seller panel.

    Commission List

    Commission fees that represent Shopify’s share of app, theme, or service sales. Sellers can also check out all the commission record lists.

    Checkout Page

    The user can place the order from their app and the seller can check the placed order in the app.


    Customer Feedback

    Customers can drop their feedback and similarly sellers can view them and also can approve/disapprove them.



    Collections are great for gathering similar products into their own buckets or groups. The seller can also view or add products to the collection.


    Check out more front-end images here.

    Need Help regarding Mobikul Multivendor Connector?

    You can drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at the Webkul UV Desk.

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  • Archit Jain
    Will Multi-vendor Add on Apps will wotk in the mobile app? Like ASK A QUESTION app, Seller/product like etc. or there will be extra charges?
    • Mansi Rana (Moderator)
      Hey Archit,
      Currently, the Multivendor Add-ons are not compatible with the Mobikul App. For more information, drop an email at [email protected]
      Thank you!
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