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    User Guide For Easy Group Buy App for Shopify

    Updated 10 January 2024

    Wish to boost customer retention & acquisition and drive sales? Easy Group Buy app is all set to offer savings to customers that ultimately increase customer engagement on your Shopify store.

    Using the Easy Group Buy app, you can allow the customer to create a group or join the existing group to buy the products at a discounted price. Thus, get more and more customers buying the products in a group that ultimately boosts sales.

    Additional Features of the App:-

    • The Easy Group Buy app allows merchants to add “group buy” products to the app.
    • The merchant needs to enter discount percentage, Minimum member limit per group, group product validity.
    • Customers can create private groups and invite other customers to join group to buy products at discounted price.
    • Merchant can also allow customers to create public group i.e. anyone can join the group.
    • Offering Group buying can reduced cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.
    • Increase average order value, as buyer save more when they buy more in a single checkout.

    Let’s dig deeper and know the app configurations.

    Admin Panel Configurations


    Dashboard:- Interactive Dashboard to track the ongoing progress of your store.

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    General Configuration:– Configure your business email, set your store logo and manage Multi-Currency Configuration from here.


    To use the Multi-Currency feature, please follow the below-mentioned steps-

    • Enable the Multi-Currency Configuration and save.
    • Visit the Currency setting section to Sync Currencies in the app, which is already available in the Markets section of Shopify.
    • Can set the exchange rate as Dynamic or Manual. This setting should be the same on the Shopify end too.
    • When using the Manual exchange rate, Shopify and the app end should both have the same configured exchange rate.
    • If Roundoff Price is to be used, we must ensure that Shopify has enabled it as well.

    Note:- Since Shopify only supports roundoff numbers of 100 at this time, kindly set the roundoff number to only 100.


    Once configured, then the customers will be able to select the currency price up front, and the currency conversion will be functional for the group buying products in this manner.


    Translations:– From here, you can translate the labels of your storefront.


    Mail Configuration:– Configure the emails sent via the app i.e. Group Invitation mail, Discount emails sent to the customers.


    Clicking the Edit button, you can configure the email subject and content.


    Global Configuration:- From here, you can configure the general settings of your store. Following are the settings you need to configure:-


    Select Group Type:- Choose if you want to allow customers to join a public group or a private group to purchase groupbuy products.
    Public Group:- A public group will be shown to all customers and anyone can join a public group.
    Private Group:- A private group will be shown only to those customers who are invited by the group creator.
    Note:- Only those customers can join the group who are invited.

    Countdown Timer:- Enable this if you want to show a countdown timer to customers on Easy Group Buy products.

    Restrict Customers to Create or Join a Product Group: Enable this if you want to restrict the customer to create or join a product group one at a time.

    Note: If you enable the Restrict Customers to Create or Join a Product Group configuration then the Group limit per product configuration will not be visible becuase there is no need to set the limit if you do not want your customer to create or join a product.

    Group Limit Per Product:- Here, you can set a Group Limit Per Product for customers to create a group.

    Cancel Unsuccessful Groups:- Enabling this option will cancel unsuccessful groups automatically once the time is over.

    Offer Discount in Case of Refund:- You can choose to offer discounts to those customers (who joined the group) in case of a refund.

    Moreover, you can set the discount value and enter the number of days up to which the discount code is valid.

    Design Configuration:- You can make the design changes for the app widget shown on the storefront

    Refer to the below screenshot :


    As a result, you can change the button color, theme color and view the changes before making them live with the “save and preview” button :


    This way you can easily make changes and have a preview if them before making them live to the store.

    Add Group Buy Products

    Visiting the Products section of the app, you can add group buy products and get the list of products to manage them.


    Clicking the Add Product button, you need to select a product from Shopify, enter a discount percentage, Minimum member limit per group , the validity of group buy the product, and click the Submit button.


    View the added Group Buy product:


    Now, to show the “group buy” product on your storefront, you need to add the codes to the suggested liquid files.


    Code Pasting for Online Store 2.0

    In case you are using Online store 2.0 (Example- Dawn), you need to follow the steps to add the codes.

    To have the “Group Buy” widget shown on the product page, you can use either of the following methods :

    Method 1 :

    You can add it directly into the theme. Once the app is installed on the store, then open Online store >> themes >> customize
    You can either add this as the default option for all the products or you can look for the product applicable for group buy and can add the block this way :

    adding auto code - group buy
    auto code added - group buy

    This is how the block will appear on the page, you can easily drag and adjust the block from the left hand menu options. The effects are shown so you can easily decide on where to add the app block.

    Method 2 :

    To show “Group Buy” products on the product description page, add the below code into main-product.liquid template file:-

    Note:- Make sure paste the code just after ‘</product-form>

    <div id='wk_group_buy_product' pid='{{ }}' cid='{{|default: 0 }}' cemail='{{|default: 0 }}'></div>

    Code to display “Group Buy Account” include in the account.liquid file on top of liquid file:-

    <button type="button" style="border-radius: 2px;border: 2px solid black;background: inherit;display: block;margin: 0 auto;"><a href="pages/group-buy-account" style="color: black;text-decoration: none;font-size:20px;">{{shop.metafields.wk_group_buy_labels.translation_labels.group_buy_account_btn|default: "Group Buy Account"}}</a></button>

    After adding the codes, this is how the Group Buy Products appear on your storefront:

    Group Buy Product Listing:-

    group buy product

    On Product Page:

    create group

    On the store front, the customers will have two options whether to create a new group or join an existing group. You can allow customers to create any of the two groups either public groups or private groups.
    You can visit the Global Configuration & manage the group settings.

    CASE 1: Public Group
    A public group will be shown to all customers and anyone can join a public group.

    In this case, anyone can create a group and buy the “group buy product”. Clicking Create Group button, the customer will simply enter the group name. Then, click Create Group & Buy button & proceed to purchase group buy product.

    Create group

    The customer can Join the existing group and buy products.

    Join group

    CASE 2: Private Group
    A private group will be shown only to the invitees. Note:- Only those customers can join the group who are invited.

    Clicking Create Group button, the customer will enter the group name, enter email. Thus, an email will be sent to the invitee. Then, click Create Group & Buy button & proceed to purchase group buy product.

    Group buy

    Customer End

    The customer can view the “Group Buy” products purchased, group details, etc from the “Group Buy Account” section.


    Clicking the Group Buy Account button, the customer can view the list of invited groups, joined groups, and “created groups”.

    Invited Groups


    Customer can join the group and select the product variant for purchase.


    Joined Groups

    Here is the list of groups that are invited to purchase “Group Buy” products. View the group status, etc.


    Created Groups


    Click the View button to check the complete details:


    You, on the other hand, can manage the customer groups from the app.

    Admin Managing Customer Groups

    You can manage the customer’s groups directly from the app.


    Clicking the View button, you can view the complete group details including invitees, group members, etc.


    Moreover, you can update the group status to success, fail, refunded.

    Group status

    So, this is how you can allow customers to create a group or join the existing group to buy the products at a discounted price. Thus, get more and more customers buying the products in a group that ultimately boosts sales.

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