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    Multivendor Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat for Shopify

    As we have updated the theme of our
    Multi Vendor Marketplace app for Shopify,
    so please head over to the provided link to get the updated blog for this app:
    Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify-Seller Buyer Chat(New Theme)

    You won’t be able to activate the seller buyer chat feature app for now as currently, we are doing some changes from our end.

    We are here to bridge the gap between buyer and seller by this app which will enable them to communicate through this app. The most awaited feature of a multivendor marketplace app for Shopify – The Seller Buyer Chat is here. Now buyers can chat with sellers of the product directly.


    • Seller -buyer can chat with each other
    • The admin enables the Seller-buyer chat option.
    • Quick solution and on the spot clarity on issues
    • Live Chat App
    • Much more streamlined process of communication
    • Messages can be sent by the buyer even if the receiver (seller) is offline.
    • User-friendly
    • Easy to set up
    • Responsiveness

    The process of enabling Seller-Buyer Chat from Admin’s End

    To enable Seller-Buyer Chat on your multivendor marketplace app, you are firstly required to enable it from the configuration

    • Go to the Feature app section
    • Click on enable seller-buyer chat >>> activate >>> choose plan >>> accept payment.

    The moment you will click on save a window will pop up in front of you to select the desired plan as per your requirement and accept the same. Further details of plans in Seller-Buyer chat are given below. After selecting the plan and clicking on agree you will be redirected to accept the payment for seller-buyer chat.


    Important Note: Once you will agree and accept the buyer-seller chat plan, you will be agreeing upon paying an extra amount as per your selected Seller buyer chat plan which will be over and above the monthly plan that you have chosen for Multivendor Marketplace app.

    For example: If you are using gold plan of multivendor marketplace app and now you have opted for the silver plan of seller-buyer chat then you will be paying USD75/month [ USD45(multivendor marketplace app )+USD30(seller-buyer chat).

    Also, you can unsubscribe seller-buyer chat anytime if you want to by simply clicking on the checkbox (unchecking it) and clicking on the save button. Unsubscribing to Seller-Buyer chat will have no effect on your multivendor marketplace app.

    Plans of Seller buyer chat

    The seller-buyer chat comes with 03 different plans
    The below-given image will describe all the 03 plans in detail:


    A Maximum of 25 sellers can be added in seller-buyer chat by admin, and that plan will be of USD 45 per month for seller-buyer chat. If an admin needs to add more than 25 sellers then he will have to pay an additional USD 2 per seller per month for each seller he wants to add after 25 sellers.
    A separate request needs to be raised to us for this special case and we will guide you through the process. For this exceptional case write us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at

    Admin End

    Once the admin has enabled seller-buyer chat from the configuration, admin now will be able to view 04 different sections in the menu :

    • Chat Setting
    • Seller Buyer Chat
    • Chat Payment Method
    • Seller Buyer Chat Plan

    Chat Setting

    From this section, admin configures all the important settings of Seller-Buyer Chat right from entering the monthly cost to be charged from the seller, deciding the billing day, billing basis and configuring the payment methods by which sellers will pay admin.

    Chat Settings • Multivendor MarketPlace

    In payment setting section admin selects the payment methods by which the seller can pay to admin for the seller-buyer chat feature. Those payment methods are:

    • Paypal
    • Payfast
    • Deduct From Total Earning
    • Manual

    Seller-Buyer Chat

    A list of all the sellers using seller-buyer chat is displayed here. Admin can view each seller detail using this feature and can also block unblock the seller and set seller wise payment for this feature as well.

    Clicking on Send reminder button admin can send an automatic mail as a reminder to the seller.


    Clicking on view button, admin can view each seller detail and can block unblock the seller, enable /disable the chat for a particular seller and if enabled, admin can set seller wise chat cost and then click on save.

    Seller Buyer Chat Admin • Multivendor MarketPlace

    Chat Payment Methods

    Admin enters the details of payment methods chosen by him. By clicking on edit details in front of each option admin can edit the payment detail of any particular method. However in the option ‘deduct from total earning’ No details required as payment will be deducted from the seller’s total earning.

    Note: Do not forget to save the details for the payment methods that you have chosen so that the sellers can be able to pay you.

    Chat Payment Methods Admin • Multivendor MarketPlace

    Seller-Buyer Chat Plan

    This section shows the details of the chat payment plan like the selected plan name, the number of sellers, plan cost and total cost. Admin can upgrade or change the existing plan from this section and can also deactivate the chat service.

    Seller Buyer Chat Plan Admin • Multivendor MarketPlace

    Note: Deactivating chat service will remove the Seller-Buyer chat feature (& its selected plan) and you will be billed only for Multivendor Marketplace app.

    Seller End

    At seller panel, on the dashboard itself seller will see the option to go to the chat board and now will be able to view 02 different sections in the menu:
    Seller Buyer Chat
    Chat Payments

    Dashboard Seller • Multivendor MarketPlace

    Seller-Buyer Chat

    From this section seller will be able to view the billing details like upcoming billing date, billing basis, chat cost, etc. Also, chat can be enabled or disabled from the seller end as well from here.
    The seller can view the payment history and also chooses and configures the payment details from this section.

    Seller Buyer Chat Seller • Multivendor MarketPlace

    Clicking on Save button, a message will pop up for the seller to agree on [Message: “Agreeing on this you are liable to pay a monthly charge for seller-buyer chat feature as configured by your admin.”].


    Chat Payments

    From this section, the seller can view the details of payment made to admin. This section shows the full payment history list on the basis of the bill from and to date etc.

    Chat Payments Seller • Multivendor MarketPlace

    Clicking on View button of any of the payment detail; full chat payment detail will get displayed in front of the seller, right from monthly cost to calculated cost as per the period the feature has been used for.


    Go To Chatboard

    Clicking on go to chat board option, the seller will be redirected to the seller-buyer chat page and will be required to log in again.

    Seller Buyer Chat

    After logging in he will be on seller-buyer chat window where the seller will be directly communicating and answering queries of buyers visiting the store.


    Front End

    You will have to paste the below code on the product.liquid file in the template by editing the HTML/CSS of the Shopify store. Follow the process:

    • Click on Online Store.
    • Go To Themes.
    • Click on Customize Theme button on the top right.
    • Select the Edit HTML/CSS button from the Theme Option on Top Left.
    • Paste the below-given code in the product.liquid file
    {% include 'sbchat' %}

    Now clicking on any product, the buyer will see the chat window below whereby entering his details (name, email id and message) he can get connected to the seller of that product and start chatting.


    And the awesome chat between seller-buyer here begins. 🙂

    So that was all from the seller-buyer chat of Multi vendor Marketplace app.
    Please visit  Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify Blog for details of the app.


    Find the below link and credentials to use the demo of Multi vendor Marketplace App for Shopify:


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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