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    Salesforce Events Reminder ( For Birthday, Work/ Marriage/ Customer Anniversary )

    Salesforce Events Reminder:  Salesforce Events Reminder Lightning helps the user to manage the existing events by sending wishes automatically to the concerned person. As well  as it includes the birthday and marriage anniversary of Users(Employees) and Contacts, the work anniversary of the Users Employees), and the customer anniversary of the contacts or any other Custom events created by you.

    Salesforce Events Reminder Features

    • Salesforce Events Reminder Lightning is Upgraded with Lightning features to explore in an all-new view.
    • Displays a list of upcoming events like birthday and anniversary details.
    • Provides you the option to select email templates as per your choice based on specific events and send notifications accordingly.
    • Available in every language that you have enabled in your Translation workbench.
    • In Addition, you can also create custom events and schedule Events Notifications based on specific Email Templates of your choice
    • Allows picking data from custom fields and on the other hand based on specific events.
    • Fully optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile app.
    • It works on Accounts, Contacts, Leads & User

    How to Configure Salesforce Events Reminder

    Configuration at Salesforce Events Reminder Lightning view

    Salesforce Lightning Configuration

    If you want to avail Salesforce Lightning experience, You need to register your domain first

    Domain Registration: How to Register Domain in Salesforce

    Step 1: Once you get registered with your Domain, Please make sure that custom tabs related to Salesforce Events reminder Lightning Should be default  on


    Steps 2: Follow the steps to verify or update it From Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | Select Profile and click Edit to verify as mentioned in the screenshot above

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    Salesforce Company ?
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    After Installation, go to Setup | Home | App Manager and click on “Events Reminder ” of the Default Theme.Recently-Viewed-Event-Reminder-Events-Salesforce4

    Go to the “Events Reminder- Events ” Tab Click on New to create a new event


    Step 3: Create a  “New Event ” and ” Click Save”

    New-Event-Reminder-Event-Salesforce1 Edit-Birthday-SalesforcerecordbasedNote: You should  Configure the SMS Configuration before Enabling  the SMS Notification


    New-Event-Reminder-Event-SalesforcechatterStep 4:Enable the Email Notification and Select the Template and Click on Save.


    Note: Photo Url Shows the Image of the event & In order to show this Image. We need to upload this Image to related objects by naming conventions “event icon”.

    Step 5: You can enable the email notifications by putting a checkmark over the checkbox and select the email template according to the events.

    Note: Configure the Twillio Application for SMS Configuration


    • CRON Setting: This Setting will schedule the time to send Notification.
    • There are two checkboxes for send mail CC and another is to send mail BCC and You can enable these checkboxes in case you want them to be notified as well regarding the events. (This is optional.)
    • Filter the Event by week, Month & Quarter.
    • Click On Preview to View Upcoming Events.

    You Can Create the Record Based Events by selecting the Field Preview-SalesforcerelativedatesScreenshot-11-

    In order to get the list of languages available on the settings page, you just need to enable Translation  Workbench in your Org and activate the list of languages that you want to enable in your Org.

    follow the steps below to enable the Translation workbench.

    Step 1: In the Quick Find Search Box, type Translation, and then click on ‘Translation Settings’ as shown below:

    Translation workbench

    Now click on Edit to activate the Languages you want to use in your Org.

    Activate language

    Now, put a checkmark on Active and then click on Save.


    To enable the same settings for Language in Lightning version, you just need to create a new Remote Site Settings as per the instructions shown below:

    Step 1:    Type  Remote  in the Quick Find search box and then click on ‘Remote Site Settings’ as shown below:

    Remote Site

    Step 2: Once you click on the ‘New Remote Site’ button, enter the information as shown below:

    Remote site

    Points to Noted

    • To set address, go to Setup|Email Administration  and  Click  Add to add the email address as shown below:
    Orgwide address

    Orgwide Address

    • Once you add the email address in the Org Wide Email address, you get a verification link on the same email address, you need to click in order to get verified.

    Note: Org wide Email address is completely optional, you can leave this blank in the settings page of our as per your choice.

    Manage Your Custom Events

    Step 1: Click on ‘ Events Reminder‘ on the Configuration Settings page of Events Reminder.
    Now, manage your Custom Events as per the screenshot below:

    Step 2:  Choose the  Event Title as per your choice.

    Step 3: Select the Object for which you wish to create the Event as well as Send an Email notification for events.

    Select the Custom Field

    Step 4:   By Picking the ‘Fixed section ‘ you can set the date of the event



    Step 5:   Pick up the Email field as per your choice and pick data for email notifications.

    Note:  Contact images will appear as per the field selected here, otherwise, it will Choose images from synced images from your Social media account.


    Step 7: Is Annual Event: Enable this checkbox if you are creating a custom event .

    Note: Email notifications for  Is Annual events get sent every day after the completion of a 1-year cycle.

    Note:  If you keep it unchecked, the event notifications would be sent only on the specific date.

    Step 8: Finally, select the email Template based on the event you have created. and you can select ‘None’ if you don’t want to send the email notifications.

    Configuration at Salesforce Lightning view

    Salesforce Lightning Configuration

    Step 1: At the bottom left, under the Custom- Managed section, drag and drop ” Events Reminder Tab “as per your desired location and click Save.


    Step 2: Further to enable the Salesforce Events Reminder Lightning application, click Activate then you will get a prompt for Activation successful. Now, check and verify the changes made in the Home page layout.


    Step 3: Tab view of Birthday, Marriage/ Work/ Customer Anniversary at the Lightning end.


    Salesforce1 Mobile App Settings

    Mobile App Settings

    Go to Setup | Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 Navigation. Add Events Reminder from the available section to the Selected list and click Save.

    app setting

    You can visit the link below to install this Application from AppExchange

    Current Product Version - <p

    . . .
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  • Meg Bacino
    Is there a way to have the reminder leave the view once you have sent an email to that person?
  • Meg Bacino
    Is there a way to exclude contacts on “Inactive” Accounts?
  • Meg Bacino
    Can you add the last name of the contact to the reminder?
  • mlc_milkandpixels
    I have a custom object with different types of dates. birthdays, anniversaries, graduation…..
    Can i connect your app to send emails using this object?
    • Webkul
      Yes, We can customize it as per your requirement. Please contact us at [email protected]
  • Merline Leonce
    This app is cool. I’ve installed it in my sandbox and it’s pretty easy to configure. thank you! One question, how can I limit it to only show contacts/users from my organization. Meaning, we have thousands of accounts, we only want to display birthdays of our staff.
    • Webkul
      We have updated this feature in our latest app, Now you can use this.
      if you face any issue then mail us at [email protected]
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