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QloApps Google Hotel Manager

Updated 2 February 2022

We have come up with QloApps Google Hotel Manager that will allow you to sync your rooms Availability and Prices and Rates on Google for your properties.

Google is one of the biggest platforms and everyone wants to list their business on it. And we are aware of the fact that Google is listing hotels.

While a profile aids in the searching of your hotel. Similarly, booking links helps potential customers easily book rooms in your hotel.

To list it you have to use Google My Business profile. Your hotel’s Business Profile will display on Google Maps and Search without rates after its completion.

Google uses accurate information about your hotel and verifies it before listing your hotel in it.

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All the details are confirmed through Google Business Profile.

The bookings of your hotel increase more if you share your hotel’s direct rates and availability. But Google does not help in doing it.

Therefore, here comes QloApps Google hotel manager in the picture.

It will help you share rates, availability, and prices to your hotels listed on Google.

Note: After sharing rates, free booking links will automatically start displaying in your listings.

Listing through Google My Business

Afterward, make sure all the properties whose prices you want to send through QloApps Google Hotel Manager must be listed on the Google Hotel.

As you can see in the image, your hotels will be visible on Google search results.


Features of QloApps Google Hotel Manager

Now, you have listed all your properties on Google hotels through Google My Business Account.

As I have already mentioned, you cannot manage rates and more through Google My Business profile.

So, we have created this module. Through QloApps Google Hotel Manager you can perform the following things:

  1. You can send room rates, inventories, availability, prices, to your properties listed on Google.
  2. Moreover, you can set landing pages for your properties. So, by clicking on it customers will be redirected to your hotel website and create bookings.

Workflow of QloApps Google Hotel Manager

Create Account

Now, let’s see the workflow of QloApps Google Hotel Manager.

First, you have to sign up and create your account.


After that, you will receive a verification mail. After verifying from the verification mail, you have to log in by entering your email address and password.


Afterward, you will be redirected to the hotel page. On this page, you can create a new hotel by clicking on “Add hotel”.

Therefore, after adding hotels, all the hotels are displayed on the list of hotels.

You can create or delete hotels from here.


Add Hotels

Fill in all the details like hotel name, timezone, currency.

Moreover, enable a list on Google for those properties(hotels) whose information like rates, etc. you want to send on Google.


When you enable the ‘List on Google’ button, you will see more details spaces visible which you have to fill.

PLEASE NOTE- All the entered information must match exactly with the information saved in the Google My Business for a hotel listing in Google.

So, fill in all the details and update.

Hotel ID in PMS- Enter hotel id.

Brand- brand/chain name of your hotel.

Website link- link of the PMS from which this hotel belongs.

Tax- Fill tax in the percentage.

Address 1 and Address 2- Address of your hotel on address 1 and address 2 respectively.

City- The name of the city in which the hotel is situated.

Province- Name of the province where the hotel is located.

Country- Enter the name of the country.

Postal Code- Write postal code.

Phone Number- Hotel phone number.

Map- Select location on Google Map.

After listing your hotel on Google Hotels Manager, you can create the room types of the hotel as well as the room plans under the room types.

Room Types

From the above, you have to select the Hotel name whose room type, rate plans you want to view, add and update.

On this page, you can view the list of available room types, edit or delete them and add a new room type.


When you click on ‘Add Room Type’, you will be redirected to a new page.

Here you have to fill in all the required details, choose images of the room and click on ‘Add’ to save details.

Hotel status on Google is approved. It means your hotel is approved by Google and all the information of your hotel and room types will be updated on Google.


When you click on add, a new section ‘Date wise inventory’ is visible.


Date wise inventory

Click on ‘Add inventory’ to add date-wise inventory.

With its help, you can send inventories of room types within the date range selected to the Google hotel channel.


Select the dates for which you want to update details, enter the inventory in units and click on ‘Update’.


Moreover, you can also send an inventory of a particular date by clicking on the edit button. For example- select the edit button of 01/02/2022.


After adding it, you have to add plans.


Send rate plan information

Enter all the required details of the plan.

Like, Rate plan name, description, enable all the options that you want to include in the plan and update it.


Prices are showing for the maximum occupancy by default. Click on the info icon (i) for price information in detail.

Value 0 defines no restriction for [ Min LOS, Max LOS, CTA, CTD, Min Offset, Max Offset ]

In this, you can send various information like:

  • Min LOS : Minimum length of stay. The minimum number of days for which it is compulsory to book a room.
  • Max LOS: Maximum Length of stay.
  • CTA: Close to arrival. No one can check in this day.
  • CTD: Close to departure. No one can check out this day.
  • Min Offset: Maximum days before arrival date for which this rate can be booked.
  • Max Offset: Maximum days before arrival date for which this date can be booked.

Moreover, you can also edit the price of a single day by clicking on the edit button.


Send Price

Afterward, a pop-up will appear. You have to select the date, ‘Price’ under price update type and price for guests.

In the image below, you can see there are prices for two guests are available.

It is available if you enter ‘2’ in ‘room capacity’ under the ‘Room Types’ section while adding Room(s).


Price update type: There are three options available:

  • Delta: If you select this, then you can add or update the rates for the dates specified.
  • Overlay: After selecting it, all the existing rates will be deleated and it will be replaces with new rate for the selected date range.
  • Remove: It will delete all the rates for the dates specified.

Leave the input field blank if you do not want to set a price for particular occupancy.

Send Length of Stay

Likewise, under the Plan update type, one can select Length of Stay from the options available.

Here, select the date range and number of days for which you want to assign the room for a minimum or a maximum number of days.

  • Date from– Starting date for which this rule applies.
  • Date to- Ending date of the plan.
  • Plan Update Type- Length of Stay
  • Minimum Length of Stay- Minimum number of days for which staying in a room is compulsory.
  • Maximum Length of Stay- Maximum number of days for which one can stay.

Send Close Status


Fill in the details:

  • Date from- Select the starting date of the plan.
  • Date to- Select the ending date of the plan.
  • Plan Update Type- Close status.
  • Close to arrival and departure- Enable to close the selected date range for arrival and departure.
  • Close to arrival- Enable to close the selected date range for arrival of guests.
  • To departure- To close these dates for departure of guests enable the option.

Send Min/Max Offset


The details include:

  • Date From- Select the initial date.
  • Date To- Select the ending date.
  • Plan Update Type- Min/Max Offset.
  • Minimum days before arrival date– Maximum days before arrival date for which this rate can be booked.
  • Maximum days before arrival date- Date from– Starting date for which this rule applies.

Note-Rate Plans and Plan Information(Price and restrictions) will not be sent to Google until Google approves this rate plan of the hotel.

(i.e., after listing your hotel on Google hotel Channel).

You have to update the rate plan again after the hotel is approved or you can create the rate plan after the hotel is approved.

The hotel approval process takes 24-48 hours by Google.


Room types sync feeds: It will show notifications/ feeds when you send room type or rate plan.


Price sync feeds: It will show feeds of prices sent.


Inventory Sync Feeds: When inventories are sent, you will get notifications here.


Restrictions sync feeds: It includes the minimum length of stay, the maximum length of stay, close to arrival, close to departure, min. Offset, max. Offset.



This is the general configuration of the hotel where you have to select the timezone and currency.


PMS synchronization

If you are using QloApps then follow these steps to add and synchronize PMS

You can synchronize QloApps as a PMS. you can sync QloApps hotels and room types into “QloApps Google Hotel Manager”.

However, you must have hosted QloApps software on any of your live domains. Let’s say:

Therefore, based on your domain where you’ve hosted QloApps software, you need to open its Admin panel to generate the required credentials to sync your inventory.

That is hotels, rooms, and their prices into our QloApps Google Hotel Manager.

To add QloApps PMS on our QloApps Google Hotel Manager, you need to click on the “Add PMS” button.

Currently, in the PMS section, if you are using QloApps as a Hotel Reservation System.

Using QloApps

So, if you have QloApps, and want that all the hotel and room types of the same is synced here. So, here you can click ‘Add PMS’, to do the same.


After clicking on ’Add PMS’, you will be redirected to a new page.

Afterward, you need to select your PMS(QloApps) here to synchronize your PMS properties data to the Google Hotel Manager.

By default, here QloApps will work like your PMS, and need to select from the Select PMS option.

Hence, as you are using QloApps as your PMS then in the dropdown, you have to select QloApps.

Henceforth, after selecting it, click on the ‘Add’ button to add PMS.



When you click on the ‘add new webservice key’, you will redirect to a new page. Fill in the form fields.

  • Key : Here, click on the ‘Generate’ button to generate a new API key.
  • Key description: Enter the description for the API
  • Status: Enable to activate this API
  • Permissions: Check all the boxes to give permission.

Afterward, click on save now.

Now, moving back to the Google Hotel Manager.

Paste the API key (copy from the Generated key for the Key field) from the admin panel (webservice), with API URL as you can see below:


After entering the key and URL and submitting it. You will redirect to a new page.

Here, click on the ‘Start Synchronization’ to sync property.


Thus, when you click on it, you will redirect to a new page. Here, select the property and click on ‘Sync Property’.


Hence, you can see the Property kings Hotel creates in the hotel list.


You will see the data of Kings hotel are fill-in automatically.


Please see all the information in it does match with the information about the same hotel saved in the Google My Business.

Therefore, when you go to the Kings room type, you will see the room time and a standard plan is already available.



This was all from the QloApps Google Hotel Manager. I hope I was able to clarify the functioning of the module to you.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System

In case of any query, issue, or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum


Moreover, for any kind of technical assistance or query please raise a ticket here or write us at [email protected]

. . .

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