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    Product Association Types in Akeneo


    Association of products can be described as a marketing strategy to your customer, that what products they are looking for and what they have to consider with this product.

    Associativity of the products means a group of products that is closely related. An associative product can be a product with the same types, same price range, and same customer types.

    Akeneo PIM provides the functionality of creating and managing associative products. With the help of Akeneo, a merchant can make an associative product.

    Association Types

    Akeneo PIM provides by default 4 types of association mapping. You can create more if you want more association mapping.

    • Cross-sell – Cross-selling of products involves products of the same type.
      Example: If you are buying a shirt then you will find another shirt by the same designer.
      How to Configure Related, Up-Sell, Cross-Sell Products cross-sells

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    • Upsell – Upsell products typically involve trading up to a better version of what’s being purchased.
      Example: If you are going to buy a mobile then you will get the same mobile with the extra specification.
      Upsell products

    Source: Shopify

    • Pack – Pack products are basically a group of products that are used for the same purpose.
      Example: A group of furniture products.
      Group of products

    Image source: Pepperfry

    • Substitution – Substitution products are products that same in category and type as the selected product and services. It provides customers with a wide number of options in addition to the main product.
      Example: Shirts with same in type and different in the brand.
      Substitution products

    Source: Amazon

    Create an Associative product type:

    Akeneo PIM provides the functionality to create an Associative product type. For this, you have to navigate Setting -> Association type. Click on the association type.

    Association type of products

    Here you have to enter the code.

    Enter the product code

    You have to enter the label translation for multiple locales.

    Related products

    Now you can see the association type is successfully added.

    akeneo association

    Now go to your Akeneo product list and click on the product where you have to add an associative product.

    akeneo association After it, you have to click on the Associations. Now you have to click on the drop-down association type button and choose the association type. After it, click on the Add Association Button.

    akeneo association

    You can add an associative product here. Here you can filter and add by category, family, and status. You can also search for the product and add them as the associative product.

    You can also see the associative product on the right side of the web page in the basket. After it, you have to click on the confirm button.

    akeneo association

    Now you can see the associative product list with the product.

    akeneo association

    Akeneo Association Types – Support

    If you have any queries please create a support ticket at If you are a retailer, facing issues in handling a large number of products, drop us a line in the comments below.

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