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    Private Apps: Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Updated 3 August 2023

    In the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify, the admin can add MVM Private Apps (currently, the scope can only be shipping and fulfilling the order in the multivendor marketplace app).

    So, if you want to integrate your third-party shipping app with the multivendor marketplace app, you can use this feature.

    MVM Private Apps

    The admin needs to visit Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration > MVM Private App:


    On the following page, click on ‘Add MVM Private App‘:


    Here, you need to enter the following details:

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    • Private App Name
    • Authentication Method: Bearer Token or No Auth
    • In case the authentication method is bearer token, enter the token value
    • App scope: Currently, we only provide shipping and fulfillment (fulfilling the order).
    • Enter the end URL
    • Enable/Disable the private app

    Once added, the app can be edited/deleted/disabled:


    For this integration, the response format of the merchant’s third-party app should be like this:

       "private-app": [
           vendor_name: "xyz vendor",
           product_id: 34291038423948,
           variant_id : 432323482303849,
           cost: 4.99
           vendor_name: "abc vendor",
           product_id: 34291038423237,
           variant_id : 432323482303845,
           cost: 8.00

    We will send you the same data as you will get from Shopify shipping callback. Here is an example:

    array (
      'rate' =>
      array (
        'origin' =>
        array (
          'country' => 'IN',
          'postal_code' => '201301',
          'province' => 'UP',
          'city' => 'Noida',
          'name' => NULL,
          'address1' => 'A-67',
          'address2' => NULL,
          'address3' => NULL,
          'phone' => '',
          'fax' => NULL,
          'email' => NULL,
          'address_type' => NULL,
          'company_name' => 'tarang-shop2',
        'destination' =>
        array (
          'country' => 'IN',
          'postal_code' => '201301',
          'province' => 'UP',
          'city' => 'Noida',
          'name' => 'Webkul',
          'address1' => 'A-67 , sector 63 noida',
          'address2' => 'sector 63',
          'address3' => NULL,
          'phone' => NULL,
          'fax' => NULL,
          'email' => NULL,
          'address_type' => NULL,
          'company_name' => NULL,
        'items' =>
        array (
          0 =>
          array (
            'name' => 'Copy of syn tag product',
            'sku' => '',
            'quantity' => 1,
            'grams' => 0,
            'price' => 12300,
            'vendor' => 'tags & category',
            'requires_shipping' => true,
            'taxable' => true,
            'fulfillment_service' => 'manual',
            'properties' =>
            array (
            'product_id' => 4641458061372,
            'variant_id' => 32490707550268,
        'currency' => 'INR',
        'locale' => 'en',


    Using this private app, the seller can fulfill the order from their panel >> order >> order listing


    The shipping option should be enabled then only the fulfillment option will work.

    Further Reading:

    You can also create Shopify Private Apps and configure them in the app to resolve the API limit issue. To know more about it, refer to Create Shopify Private Apps in Multi-vendor Marketplace App for Shopify.

    Learn How to Create Private App on Shopify

    Need help?

    In case you are stuck, you can drop your query/suggestion at [email protected]. You can also connect with us by creating a ticket at Webkul UV Desk. Contact in case you want to test this feature on our demo store.

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