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    Create Shopify Private Apps in Multi-vendor Marketplace App for Shopify

    If you are using the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify, you can now add a maximum of 5 private apps to the Multi-vendor app. You can create Shopify Private Apps and configure them in the app to resolve the API limit issue.

    Why does a merchant need this?

    The Shopify API call limit only allows for two requests per second. So, we get 2 API calls per second from Shopify end. Sometimes, this API gets exhausted when you deal with larger data.

    Suppose, In case you sync products in bulk, there might be some possibilities that API gets exhausted and complete data won’t get synced properly.

    So, to overcome this API exhaust issue, “Creating private apps in the Multi-vendor App is a perfect solution to this problem.

    In Private Apps, Shopify provides 3 to 4 API calls per second. So, if the merchant let say, Create 1 private app on their Shopify store then per second we will get going to have around 6 API calls per second which are of course greater than 2 API calls. This way sync process run-smooth.

    Points to be Noted:-

    • From here, you can add a maximum of 5 private apps to the multi-vendor app.
    • Firstly, you need to provide the required permissions in the Shopify private app.

    How to Create Private Apps in the Multi-vendor App?

    To Add a Shopify Private App into the app, you need to visit the admin panel>>Configurations>>click Shopify Private App sub-menu.

    Now, click the “Add Shopify Private App” button.

    Clicking the Add Shopify Private App button, you need to configure the details such as Private App Name, API key and Secret Key.

    How to Get the Private App Details?

    In order to get the details to be configured in the app, firstly, you need to create private apps on Shopify.

    To do that, Login to your Shopify store admin>>Visit the Apps>>Click the “Manage private apps” button.

    Again, click the “Create new private app” button and proceed to assign permissions and generate API credentials on saving the details.

    Here, You need to mention the Name of your private app, and Email ID used to contact the developer regarding the app in the App Details section.

    Now, Prior to the generation of the API Credentials, You need to add certain permissions for the data that your private app will access. Go to the Admin API section and enable those actions which are necessary to work for your private app.


    API Key:– Consider it as API Key in the app.
    Password: Consider it as the Secret Key in the app.

    Enable API Permissions


    1. For PRODUCT:– View or manage products, variants, and collections
      Access scopes: read_products, write_products
    2. For INVENTORY:- View or manage inventory across multiple locations
      Access scopes: read_inventory, write_inventory

    Version Supported:- The webhook API version should be 2020-01

    MARK:- Be very specific about the permissions. If it is wrong, no data will be updated as no API gets hit.

    NOTE:- In case you want to delete the private app on Shopify, firstly you need to delete/disable the same in the app. Otherwise, the access token will get expired and no API call gets hit from the Multi-vendor app.

    Learn How to Create Private Apps on Shopify

    Need Help?

    Still, you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at You can also contact to get proper assistance.

    Thanks for Reading!

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