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JS SDK Token: Create Private App on Shopify

Updated 15 July 2020

In order to create the access token, firstly you need to create a Private App from store backend and then, make your Products & Collections available on that Private app for which you want to provide access to your store.

While creating the Private App, You need to enable permissions that your private app will access. Once You click on the SAVE button, You will be ended up generating the API Credentials. And from there, You will get the Storefront access token that will be needed to access your storefront data.

How to Create Private App?

manage private apps

To create a Private App, firstly you need to Visit the “Apps” section of your Shopify Store. Scrolling down to the bottom, You will get the “Manage Private Apps” option. Click on it to create a new Private app.

private apps

Now, Click on the “Create a new private app” button to create app, assign permissions and generate API credentials on saving the details.

Create Private app

Here, You need to mention the Name of your private app, an Email ID used to contact the developer regarding the app in the App Details section.

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Now, Prior to the generation of the API Credentials, You need to add certain permissions for the data that your private app will access. Go to the Admin API section and enable those actions which are necessary to work for your private app.

After that, don’t forget to enable the checkbox to allow access for your private app from the “Storefront API” section.

Important Note:- It is mandatory to access permission to the entities to make them work for the app. Enable the permissions required for the app.

Admin API

Storefront API:-

Enable these two permissions for the Customer Order Management App (as shown in the screenshot below):-
1. Read products, variants, and collections
2. Read and modify customer details

store front API

Please make sure that You have enabled the API permission for visitors to access product tags, customer tags, checkouts, articles, blogs and comments as shown in below screenshot:

create an app

Once done, click on the save button and further proceed to create the app.

Create Private Apps

In this way, You can create a new private app and the same will be listed as shown in the below screenshot:

Get token

Once You will click on the app, you will be reaching to the Admin API section and there you will get the storefront access token that you need to access store’s data.

In this way, You will get the required access token.

Make Your Products Available on Your Created Private App

As soon as You create a Private app and get the API credentials to access the store’s data, now, you need to make all your Shopify Store’s Products available on that private app.

Make products available

To get this working out the same, visit the Products section of your Shopify Store. There, You need to select all the products and make them available on the app.

This is the complete process to generate an access token. You can now access all of your store’s data using the required token.

Need Help?

Still, you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at You can also contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

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