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    Prestashop Subscription Products | Recurring Payments

    In our day to day life, we all need one or the other product regularly or at regular intervals. If we see around, we will find that now many people don’t even like to go out for shopping. They rather prefer their products to be delivered at their doorstep. Unlike other products, daily essential products are something that we need at regular intervals. Therefore, the concept of product subscription is getting popular these days. Hence, in order to integrate the same functionality on a Prestashop store, Prestashop Subscription Products will help you.

    Product subscription is a process in which a customer subscribes to a product to receive its delivery at regular intervals. More and more customers are now opting for this method to buy products on a day to day basis. This method not only saves them from purchasing the product again and again but also helps them in saving money. As most of the merchants generally offer a discount on subscribing to the product. Product subscription also allows customers to reduce their worry too, as they don’t need to remember to buy the product again and again. The store owners can also allow their customers to update or cancel their subscription with this module.

    Features of the module

    • Provide functionality of product subscription to your customers.
    • Notify customers about their subscription via mail.
    • Allow your customers to update the quantity of the product in the subscription.
    • Let your customers cancel their subscription by themselves.
    • Show or hide the subscribe button in the ‘quick view’ page of the product.
    • Customize the text of the subscribe button.
    • Select the CMS page for the ‘Terms & Condition’ information.
    • Set the number of days prior to the delivery date to create the order.
    • Select the payment methods to make them available for payment of subscription products.
    • Choose to activate or deactivate a particular product for the subscription.
    • Select the frequency of delivery cycle in an interval of days, weeks, months, and years.
    • Let your customers delete the subscription product from the checkout page.
    • View a list of all the subscribed products under the ‘My subscription’ tab.
    • A list of subscribed products and subscribers is available at the admin end too.
    • A list of orders of all the subscription products is also available at the admin end.
    • Details of all the upcoming delivery of the products are available under the scheduled orders section.

    How to install the Prestashop Subscription Products module

    • Firstly, Go to the Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    • After that, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    • In this way, the module installation will be successful.

    How to configure the Prestashop Subscription Products module

    In order to provide subscription functionality to customers, firstly you need to configure the module. So, let’s see what all options do we have in the configuration settings?

    In the general configuration part, you can-

    • Choose to send an email notification to customers regarding their subscription.
    • Allow or restrict your customers to cancel or update their subscription.
    • Offer your customers to subscribe to pack products and virtual products for the subscription.
    • Show or hide the subscribe button in the ‘quick view’ page of the product.
    • Customize the text of the subscribe button.
    • Select the CMS page for the ‘Terms & Condition’ information.

    Cron setting

    In this section, you can set the number of days prior to delivery date to create the order.

    Payment Methods

    Under this section, you can see the name of all the payment methods of the store. You can just simply enable some of them for the subscription products. The selected payment methods are available to customers for the payment of the subscription products.

    Note: Before choosing the payment method for the subscription product, make sure that they support recurring payments.

    Create subscription products

    To create a subscription product, you need to go to ‘Modules’ section of the edit product page. After that, click on the configure button to proceed.

    After clicking the configure button, the following page will also open at your end. Here, you can enable the product for the subscription. And, you can choose the frequency of the delivery of the product which you want to offer your customers.

    Let’s say you want your customers to choose only monthly and weekly delivery of the product. Then, in such a case, you need to enable monthly and weekly cycles only. Also, select what frequency do you want your customers to choose for delivery. Say, you want your customer to choose every 4 weeks, every month and every two months. Then, you only need to tick the boxes representing these cycles. So that, at the product page, these options do appear to customer while subscribing the product.


    • A new order is created for every subscription cycle (like weekly, monthly etc.)
    • Send a notification about the order of subscription product to the customer too.
    • Also, send a notification of subscription renewal to the customer.

    Procedure to subscribe the product

    On the product page, customers can see a new button to subscribe the product. On clicking the button, the available delivery frequency of the product appears in the dropdown. The customer needs to select the frequency of the delivery in order to proceed.

    After selecting the frequency of delivery, following popup opens. Here, a customer can click on the “Manage Subscription” button to proceed.

    After clicking on the ‘Manage Subscription” button, you will land on the checkout page. If you want, then you can edit following details on this page.

    • The frequency of the delivery of the product
    • Quantity of the subscribed product
    • And first delivery date of the product

    At last, you can select address, carrier and the payment method to proceed to subscribe the product.

    After the successful payment of the order, you land on the “My Subscriptions” page. On this page, a message to inform about the successful subscription of the product also appears.

    On the customer dashboard, a new tab to view all the subscriptions of the product is available. Moreover, you can view the list of all the subscribed products under this tab.

    After making the payment for subscription of the product, a new order is also created.

    View details of the order of the subscription product on the ‘Order details’ page.

    Note: The subscription will be automatically renewed in case if it’s not been cancelled by the customer.


    On the admin’s end, new tabs are added for managing subscription products, subscribers and their orders.


    Under the subscriptions tab, you can view the list of all the subscribed products. The list also contains the total number of subscribers and the total quantity of subscribed products.

    Here a very important section on the list is of ‘delivery cycles’. They represent various kinds of delivery cycles offered by admin on the product.

    Let’s say that the monthly cycle contains the following data i.e 2,4,6 against any product. What does it signify?

    It signifies that the customers can opt for the delivery of their products either in every 2 months, 4 months, or 6 months.


    The subscribers tab contains the name of all the customers who have subscribed to one or the other products. Additionally, it also contains the total number of products and the total quantity of these products.

    After clicking on the view button, you can view all the subscribed products of the customer. Moreover, It also has a section related to the upcoming/previous delivery of subscribed products.

    Subscriber orders

    This section contains the list of all the orders of subscription products. Please note that it does not contain the list of the order of normal products. On clicking the view button, you can go to the order details page.

    Scheduled orders

    At last, there is another section of scheduled orders too. It contains the list of the subscribed products whose delivery date is due and its delivery date.

    This was all about Prestashop Subscription Products Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. And, do let us know about your views in comments.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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  • Olivier

    I found your module but after reading this post I would like to point out that it’s missing an important feature: there is no incentive for customer to choose subscription from the product page (no price reduction)

    This module should, by default, allow to add a reduction (- xx %) from back-office product page.

    Best regards

    • Anuj Verma
      Thanks for showing interest in our product

      Currently, using this module, admin can simply offer the products with a subscription, where the subscription will be automatically renewed for the chosen duration (Day/Week/Month/Year).

      Also, the admin can choose the payment method, with which the subscription will be available.

      If you have any query then please raise a ticket at our support ticket system or you can mail us at

      Thanks & Regards

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