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Prestashop Subscription Products | Recurring Payments

Updated 14 February 2024

PrestaShop Subscription products: module allows you to create subscription-based products and set delivery cycles. Sell subscriptions and capture secure recurring payments on a regular time interval. Offer discounts to encourage users to subscribe to your products and services.

Save your customers from going through the ordering process each time they need a same product or service. Allow your customers to update, pause, resume, or cancel their subscription right from their accounts.

Dedicated tabs provided to view & manage all your subscriptions and keep track of your business progress.

Features of Prestashop Subscription Products

Products Subscription Creation

  • Add subscription to a specific combination or all combinations of a product.
  • Select frequency of delivery cycle in an interval of days, weeks, months, and years.
  • Configure discounts for various delivery cycles.
  • Apply subscription frequencies to multiple products at once.

Customer Options

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  • Customers can view subscription options and subscribe as per need from the product page.
  • View a list of subscriptions and their status under a single tab from account.
  • View entire details of a subscription from a single page.
  • Allow customers to cancel their subscriptions.
  • Customers can pause subscription and resume it later.
  • Customers can update subscription frequency and product quantity.
  • Add multiple normal products and a single subscription product in one cart.
  • Subscribe to virtual and pack products.

Subscription Management

  • View a list of products for which you have added subscription from the back office.
  • View a list of subscribers, number of products and quantity of those products subscribed.
  • Cancel, pause, or resume customer’s subscription.
  • Check the list of orders placed by customer for subscription products.
  • Track upcoming deliveries of products under Scheduled Orders in the back office.
  • View a list of customers and their subscription from the back office.

Display Options

  • Show subscribe button in quick view popup.
  • Display most used frequency and no subscribers yet messages on the product page.
  • Allow customers to select delivery date on the product page.
  • Display one time purchase button on the product page.
  • Set custom text for one time purchase button.
  • Select default option (One time purchase or Subscribe) to be displayed on the product page.
  • Display subscription and subscription offer message on the product page and set custom text for them.

Email Notifications

  • Email notification to both admin and subscribers for subscription.
  • Send email notification to customers when they subscribe to a product.
  • Customers will get email notification when they update, cancel, renew, pause, or resume their subscription.

Cron Management

  • Automatically create order prior to delivery date via cron.
  • Configure order status that will apply to the orders created via cron.


  1. A customer can subscribe to only one product at a time.
  2. Customers can either add standard product or subscription product into the cart at a time. (With our Customer Wallet module, customers can add regular products with a single subscription product in one cart).
  3. If the admin disables or deletes the subscription product, then all subscriptions will cancel automatically.
  4. The subscription will automatically renew if a customer doesn’t cancel it manually beforehand.

Prestashop Subscription Products module is compatible with only those payment methods which support recurring payment. Furthermore, if you are using a third-party recurring payment method, then integration will be required. Integration would be charged additionally as per the efforts required.

Moreover, you can have a look at our Recurring Payment modules, which are pre-compatible with our Subscription Module. For Pre-compatible module, the integration will be done under module support.

List of our Recurring Payment Modules:

In case of any further query/doubt please feel free to write to us.

For pause and resume subscription, you need a payment method that support these features. Below is the list of payment modules that supports these features.

Features like subscription frequency update, subscription product quantity update, pause, resume, and adding normal products with single subscription product in one cart are supported by our Customer Wallet module.

PrestaShop Subscription Products module is not compatible with official PayPal and Stripe modules.

How to Install PrestaShop Subscription Products

  • Firstly, go to the module manager in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.

Prestashop Subscription Products Configuration

General Settings


Under General Settings, the you can allow subscribers to:

  • Cancel their subscription.
  • Update their subscription quantity.
  • Pause their subscription for specific number of days.
  • Resume their subscription.
  • Update the frequency of their subscription cycle.
  • Subscribe virtual as well as pack product.
  • to add multiple normal products with a single subscription product in a single cart.

Please note that for update, pause, resume, and frequency update subscription you need a payment gateway that support these features.

Also, for adding multiple normal products with single subscription product in one cart, the module uses PrestaShop order split feature and the payment gateway should support that too.

Display Settings


Under the Display Settings, you can:

  • Show subscribe button on the quick view page.
  • Display most used frequency and no subscribers yet message on the product page.
  • Show delivery date and one time purchase option on the product page.
  • Display subscription and subscription offer messages on the product page.
  • Configure text for subscribe and one time purchase button.
  • Set custom text for subscription and subscription offer messages.

Display Most Used Frequency Message

If this field is enabled, then the message showing the frequency for which most customers have subscribed will display on the product page.

For example, you have set daily, weekly, and monthly subscription frequencies on a product. Suppose, 8 out of 10 customers have subscribed to the daily frequency, then daily will display as the most used frequency in a message on the product page.

Display no subscribers yet message

If no customer has subscribed to the product, then a message “No subscribers yet for this product” will display on the product page.

Payment Methods

Under the Payment tab, you can view a list of all the store payment methods. You can enable the payment methods for the subscription products.


PrestaShop Subscription Product module is compatible with following PrestaShop payment modules:

Email Settings


Email settings enables you to configure the actions for which email notifications will be sent to the customers. Send email to customers for subscribing to the products.

Also, you can send email notifications when customers update, cancel, renew, pause, or resume the subscription.

Cron Settings


In this section, the admin can set the number of days prior to the delivery date to create the order automatically through cron. Subscriptions which have been paused by the customers will also resume automatically via cron.

NOTE: If your store is multishop, then you have to configure the cron link for each shop separately.

Create Subscription Product


Click on the “Add new” button to add a subscription product.


The admin can search for a product on which he would like to offer subscription.


Select the frequency of the delivery of the product which you want to offer your customers. Also, you can configure frequency-wise discounts.

Let’s say you want your customers to choose only monthly and weekly delivery of the product. Then, in such a case, you need to enable monthly and weekly cycles only.

Also, select what frequency you want your customers to choose for delivery. Say, you want your customer to choose every 4 weeks, every month, and every two months. Then, you only need to tick the boxes representing these cycles.

NOTE: A new order is created for every subscription cycle (like weekly, monthly, etc).

Once added, you can view it under the Products tab.


Add subscription for product combination


Assign Subscription Frequencies to Products in Bulk

The extension allows you to apply subscription frequencies to multiple products at once. On the product listing page, select the products for which you want to assign subscription frequencies, and then select the Assign subscription frequencies option under Bulk Actions.


On clicking the Assign subscription frequencies option, a popup appears on the page where you need to select the subscription frequencies and frequency-wise discounts. After selecting the frequencies, click on the assign button.


If the subscription frequencies have already been applied to the selected products, then they will be overridden with the newly selected frequencies.


Front End Workflow

On the product page, the customers can view two new options. The first option is to facilitate the subscription process and the second option is for ordering the product normally.


As configured from the back office, the subscription and subscription offer messages are displayed on the product page.

The customers won’t be able to select the delivery date if disabled by the admin. If the admin disables one time purchase option, then it will not display on the product page and customers have to subscribe to the product.


In order to subscribe to the product, a customer must select the option of “Subscribe” using radio buttons.

After selecting the option, two new options to choose delivery frequency & the first delivery date will appear. On clicking the dropdown, the customers can view the delivery frequencies and discounts available for them.

Now, a customer will need to select the delivery frequency out of available options & the first delivery date to proceed further.


Please note that a customer can select any date from the next 7 days as first delivery date.

After selecting the subscription frequency and first delivery date, a customer can click on the “Add to cart” button.


Checkout process of subscription product

On the shopping cart page, two new buttons also become available. Let’s understand the working of each button one by one.

  • Cross Button: The customer can remove the subscription of a product by clicking on this button and later choose to order it as a normal product.
  • View Button: Customers can view or update the subscription details by clicking on this button.

In the above screenshot, it can be seen that a customer receives a 5% discount for subscribing the product. Kindly note the discount will apply on discounted price.

On clicking the view button, a popup appears on the page. Here, a customer can view or update the subscription details.


Placing the order of subscription product

Now, on proceeding to place the order for a subscription product, a customer will need to follow the standard PrestaShop procedure.


A customer can view the subscription details like delivery frequency and start date on the order confirmation page. Apart from this, a customer can also choose to view subscription information in detail by clicking on the “View Details” button.


Subscription details page

On clicking “View Details” button, the following page will open. Here, the customer can see details like delivery frequency, address, shipping method, and payment method.


In the above screenshot, it can be seen that the customer can update subscription frequency, change, cancel, and pause subscription. These options are available to customer as he has selected wallet payment method that supports all these features.

Update Frequency

On clicking the ‘update frequency’ button, a popup appears on the page where a customer can update the subscription frequency and delivery cycle.


Pause Subscription

On clicking the ‘pause subscription’ button, a popup appears on the page where the customer needs to date up to which he want to pause the subscription.


Once the customer has paused the subscription, he can resume it whenever he wants.


Customer can view a list of all the products he has subscribed under ‘My Subscriptions’.


Add normal products with a subscription product

For adding multiple normal products with a subscription product in a single cart, you need a payment gateway that supports PrestaShop order split feature.


In the above screenshot, it can be seen that customer has selected wallet payment option that supports PrestaShop order split feature.

Email Templates

In this section, we will see the templates of the mails that module sends to customer on various instances.

  • When a customer subscribes a product successfully
  • When the customer’s subscription renewal date is near
  • After a customer updates the product subscription details successfully
  • When a customer cancels his/her existing subscription of a product

Admin End Workflow

From the back office, the admin can view:

  • List of subscribers
  • Subscriber orders
  • Scheduled orders
  • Customers and their subscription details


Under this tab, you can view a list of customers who have subscribed to the products. View the number of products and total quantity of these products subscribed by customers.


On clicking the ‘view’ button, you can view products subscribed by a customer. View subscription details including frequency, first & next delivery date, and next delivery date. Also, you can cancel or pause customer’s subscription.


Subscriber orders

This tab contains the list of all the orders of subscription products. Please note that it does not contain the list of the order of normal products. However, you can also go to the order details page of any specific order by clicking on the view button.


Scheduled orders

Under the ‘scheduled orders’, you can view the upcoming deliveries or the orders whose delivery is due/in near future. Additionally, you can also know the upcoming delivery date of the subscribed product along with the name of the subscriber.


Subscription by customers

At last, there is a list of customers with the details of their subscriptions. It has details like the first delivery date of the subscribed product, delivery frequency, etc.


So, this was all about Prestashop Subscription Products Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. And, do let us know about your views in the comments.


For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

Current Product Version - 5.3.1

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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