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Prestashop Rate Your Bought Product

  • Version 1.7.x.x
  • Version 1.6.x.x

Product rating is one of the most important factors which can influence the purchase decision of customers. With this module, customers can rate their bought products which will be displayed on the product page for reference for further buyers. A reward voucher for the customers for giving the product review further helps admin in generating more traffic to the store and thus increasing sales conversion.


  • Customers can rate the products that they have purchased.
  • Admin can enable/disable auto approval of customer ratings.
  • Admin can allow/restrict customers to edit their ratings.
  • Admin can select on which order status will customers be able to post a review.
  • Admin can choose whether the comment fields will be mandatory for the user to fill in.
  • Admin can set limit for character count for comments.
  • Admin can set the number of reviews to be displayed on product page.
  • Admin can select the position to display top rated products.
  • Admin can set the number of days after the purchase within which a customer has to rate the product.
  • Admin can rate the product on behalf of the customer.
  • Admin can enable/disable the auto approval of reward voucher.
  • Admin can enable/disable the partial use of the voucher.
  • Admin can set the value of voucher in terms of discount or fixed amount.
  • Admin can set minimum cart total required to apply a voucher.
  • Admin can approve or cancel the voucher.


  1. Go to the back  office-> modules -> Upload a module.
  2. Upload zip file of “Rate Your Bought Product” module.
  3. The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop.

Module Configuration

Once the module gets installed, admin can configure it by clicking on “Configure” button as shown below:

Here admin has to configure approval, comments, and emails & reminder settings.

Approval Settings

Comments Settings

  • Position to display top Rated Products – In this field, admin can select the position where top rated products block will be displayed.

Emails and Reminder Settings

Admin Notifications

  • Email on Customer review

  • Email on Voucher Creation

Customer Notification Settings

Voucher Settings

  • Partial Use – A customer can use the voucher partially only if the voucher amount is higher than the cart total.

For example, a customer has received a voucher worth $ 20 after giving a product review. Now the customer has ordered a product worth  $ 15 then he can use $ 15 out of $ 20 at the time of checkout and will receive a new voucher for the remaining amount i.e $ 5.

After completing the order, a customer will receive a new voucher code for the remaining amount.

Workflow – Customer End

Once the module gets installed, two new tabs get available under My Account at the front end.

Once the customer has purchased a product, he will find “Write a Review” option on Order Details Page.

Note – (The display of this option on order detail page is subject to the configuration made by admin – Suppose admin has set review to be given only when order status is delivered. In this case, only when admin changes the order status to delivered, this option will be visible to the customer).

Customer will click on this option to provide a valuable rating for a particular product.

Product Reviews are displayed on Customer Order Detail Page.

If Admin has disabled auto approval functionality of reviews, the customer review will remain in pending state until admin approves it.

Customer can  :

  • View the Review on Order Detail Page.
  • Edit the Review (If allowed by admin).
  • Delete the Review (If allowed by admin).

Once the review gets approved by admin, it will be displayed on the Product Page.

Once the review has been approved by admin, a customer can view it under “My Reviews” tab as shown below:


When a customer submits a review, the request for a voucher gets generated and goes to admin for approval. If auto approval of Reward Voucher has been enabled by admin, then it will get automatically approved and a customer can view it under “Vouchers” tab as shown below:

Product Rating – Admin End

Admin can view the list of reviews given by the customers by navigating through Catalog-> Product Rating.

  • Admin can add new reviews on behalf of the customers to a product ordered.
  • Admin can enable/disable the product review.
  • Admin can edit/view/delete the product review.

Admin can add a new review by clicking on “Add new review” button.

When admin clicks on “Add new review” button a review submission form opens up. Admin will select the order id. Then select the product of the selected order and then proceed to give ratings and reviews to the product on Customer’s behalf.

The Review will thus be visible on Front-end product detail page. When there are multiple ratings on a Product, an average rating is displayed on the product page.

Rating Voucher Details

Admin can view the details of vouchers by navigating through Catalog->Rating Voucher Details. There are two tabs under Rating Voucher Details:

  • Voucher Request Details
  • Voucher History

Voucher Request Details

Once a customer has submitted his review for a product, a request for voucher generation is sent to admin and admin can view it under Voucher Request Details tab.

If “Auto Approve Reward Voucher” has been enabled by admin then a voucher code will be emailed to a customer automatically. If “Auto Approve Reward Voucher” has been disabled by admin then admin has to approve reward voucher request first and then it will be sent to the customer.

Admin can change the status of a voucher by clicking on “Edit” button.

Once the voucher request has been approved, an email notifcation will be received by admin regarding the voucher creation and the status of a voucher request changes from “Pending” to “Approved”.

Voucher History

Once a voucher request has been approved by admin, then a voucher code will be emailed to a customer and admin can view voucher details under Voucher History tab.


That’s all for Prestashop Rate Your Bought Product still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 5.0.0

Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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