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    Prestashop Point of Sale System

    Prestashop Point of Sale System gives you an advantage of having an online store along with multiple physical stores. Easily create multiple POS outlets and assign the products and sales agents to the outlets. Sales agents can quickly place orders by connecting the POS system with printer and barcode. POS extension works in both online and offline mode. Sales agents can process the orders even if there is no internet connection and then synchronize the orders from offline to online in presence of internet.

    Features of Prestashop point of sale system

    • Admin can add/manage multiple outlets and assign products to the outlets.
    • Add new employees and assign them to POS outlets.
    • Select the parameters through which sales employees can search products on POS.
    • Set the product qty. for low stock warning so that when product qty. gets equal to or less than specified qty. a warning sign will be displayed on POS.
    • Display voucher field and message box on POS cart.
    • Enable/Disable the guest checkout on POS.
    • Enable/Disable the display of product discount, order discount, and barcode on order receipt.
    • A separate dashboard to view sales, orders received, average cart value, and net profits from POS.
    • Automatically connects POS system to printer on page load.
    • POS employee can update qty. and price of products added to cart, give discount on product & order, and remove products from cart.
    • Option to put a cart on hold and start a new cart.
    • POS employee can apply voucher and set a message for order reference on cart.
    • Partial payment option i.e customers can pay using more than one payment method.
    • Prestashop Point of Sale system works even in offline mode i.e an employee can process the orders even if there is no internet connection.
    • POS employee can synchronize offline orders to online orders when the internet connection is available.
    • An employee can return the order and process the refund.
    • Supports raw and HTML printing both.
    • Search customers on the basis of phone, email and name at the POS end.
    • The module is compatible with desktop & tablet.
    • Assign customer groups to customers while creating customers at POS end.
    • Supports multi-language and multi-currency feature.

    How to install Prestashop Point of Sale System Module

    • Firstly, Go to Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    • Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    • In this way, the module installation will be successful.

    POS Management – Admin’s End

    After the successful installation of the module, a new tab “Manage POS” adds to configure the module settings.

    General Configuration

    Change product price in cart

    Suppose, an employee has added a product to the cart.

    If admin has selected “Price (Tax Excluded) in “Change Product Price in cart” field. Now, when an employee changes the product price then “tax excluded price” will also change as shown below:

    Prestashop point of sale system

    If admin has selected “Price (Tax Included) in “Change Product Price in cart” field. Now, when an employee changes the product price then “tax included price” will also change as shown below:

    Product Configuration

    While configuring the “Product Settings”, admin has to:

    • Set number of characters for product name which will be visible on POS.
    • Specify the product quantity for low stock warning so that once the product quantity gets equal to or less than this quantity then a low stock warning sign will be displayed on POS.
    • Select the parameters with which an employee can search for product on POS.
    • Select barcode search type either UPC or EAN.
    • Enable/Disable the display of tag on combination products on POS.

    Front End View

    Show Outlet Product Active on Assign

    If enabled, then after assigning the product to an outlet the POS status will be active which means that the product assigned to an outlet is active on POS.


    By default, the guest checkout is disabled in Prestashop point of sale system as only the registered customers can place an order.

    Admin can enable guest checkout by setting up a default email id which can be used for placing all the guest orders. Also, select the default parameter to search the customer at POS end.

    If you enable customer group selection, then you can assign groups to the customer at POS end. To do so, edit the customer detail and assign the group.

    Now, you can also search the customer by their name, email and phone number. This will enhance the customer search functionality at POS end.

    Payment Methods

    Under “Payment Methods”, admin can select:

    • payment modes which will be available to employees on POS and
    • payment method to be used in case of order return.

    Order Receipt

    Under “Order Receipt” admin can:

    • Choose which type of printing you want to use.
    • Enter the printer name with which system gets connected.
    • Enable/Disable the display of product discount, order discount, and barcode on order receipt.
    • Enable/Disable sending of email to customer through POS when his order gets placed.
    • Enable cash drawer to open it on the command of invoice printing. Cash drawer is an integral part of the POS which is used to manage daily cash transactions of the shop.

    Raw printing

    Our module supports ESCPOS language. For raw printing, the POS printer/ thermal printer which you are using must support ESCPOS language.

    How to configure Printer

    Before using the printer, follow the instructions given below:

    1. Install Java 8 or the higher version from the link:
    2. Download QZ tray from the link:
    3. Install it as a typical program on your PC
    4. Launch the QZ tray application
    5. Configure the printer name in the backend POS configuration page.

    In order to check the compatibility of POS printer with our POS. Please open the link. Then, select ESC/POS language and then print.

    HTML printing

    The module also supports HTML printing.

    Front End View

    In case of raw printing, following page opens at POS end.

    In case of HTML printing, following page will open at your POS end. Here, you can choose to simply save this file as PDF or print it via selected printer.


    In case the products need to be delivered then the admin can enable the shipping and select the shipping methods which will be on POS. POS carrier has been set as a default shipping method.

    Add/Manage Outlets

    Admin can add/manage outlets by navigating through Manage POS->Outlets.

    After saving the outlet details admin can assign products to the outlet.

    Admin can assign all the Prestashop products to an outlet at once by clicking on “Assign All product” button.

    Admin can also assign specific products to the outlet by clicking on “Assign Product” button.

    The sales agent can select the language and currency for the POS outlet if admin has assigned multiple languages and currencies to the outlet from the backend.

    POS Dashboard

    In POS Dashboard, admin can view the complete statistics for POS. Admin can view total sales, number of orders, average cart value, and net profit from POS as well as the Prestashop store.


    Admin can check the total sales that have been generated from POS as well as the Prestashop store.

    Number of orders received

    Admin can view the number of orders received from POS as well as the Prestashop store.

    Average Cart Value

    In POS dashboard, admin can also view the average cart value for POS and Prestashop store as well.

    Net Profits

    In POS dashboard, admin can also view the Net profits earned from POS as well as the Prestashop store.

    Top Cashier

    Top Selling Products

    Assigning Customer Groups

    After the installation of the module, a POS Customer group gets automatically added.

    Adding Sales Employees

    Admin can add the sales employee by navigating through Configure->Advanced parameters->Team->Employees.

    While adding a new employee admin can assign him/her to the outlet.

    If admin has set permission profile as “POS” then no employee will be able to access the tabs and a message will be displayed as shown below:

    If the admin has not assigned any POS Outlet to an employee, then that employee will not be able to log in to POS.

    The following message will be displayed on screen if an employee has not been assigned to any POS outlet by admin.

    Front End Workflow of POS System

    First of all, an employee or sales agent has to log in to the POS System by entering email address and password.

    Once the employee has successfully logged in he will be redirected to the POS System.

    Start New Session

    If an employee clicks on “Start New Session“, then the products which were added in the cart by an employee during the previous session will be removed and a new session will get started.

    After login to POS shop, an employee can view the products, categories and checkout panel as shown below:

    An employee just needs to click on a product for adding it to the cart. In case of a combination product when an employee clicks on the product, a popup appears on screen where he has to select a combination, enter its quantity and then click on “Add To Cart” button.

    Once the products have been added to cart, then an employee can:

    • Update the quantity of the products.
    • Update the Price of the products.
    • Give a discount on the products.
    • Give Cash discount on an order.
    • Remove products from the cart.

    During checkout, if a customer wishes to purchase something else then an employee can put his cart on hold and start a new cart.

    When an employee clicks on Proceed to checkout button he gets redirected to “Customer” page where he has to select a customer.

    After selecting a customer, when an employee clicks on proceed to checkout button he gets redirected to payment page. On Payment page, an employee can apply voucher on a cart, enter message about an order for reference, and select payment method for processing the payment.

    When an employee clicks on “Validate” button for completing the payment, invoice for an order gets generated in which order details are mentioned.

    In Prestashop POS, a customer can pay using more than one payment method. Suppose if the order amount is $30, then a customer can pay $10 via cash and the remaining amount i.e. $20 via card payment or cheque.


    An employee can check the list of orders under” Orders” tab.

    Offline Orders

    In POS system, an employee can process the orders even if the internet connection is not available in the system. In case internet connection is not available, then the employee will the products in cart and complete the order.

    Note: Only cash payment method will be available in POS in case of no internet connection.

    Employee can view all the orders which he has processed offline under “Offline Order” tab.

    Once the internet connection gets established in the POS system, all the orders which are processed offline will be synchronized to online orders as shown below:

    Order Return

    In POS system, an employee can place a request to return an order and refund the amount under “Order History” tab.


    An employee can change the password of his POS shop account under the “Setting” tab.

    Order Message

    Now, you can also add a message with the order while placing it on the POS.

    This message is also available on the order details section.

    This was all about Prestashop Point of Sale System Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. And, do let us know about your views in comments.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 5.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

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  • stefan
    we have 2 shops with the same stock and products connected to multishop. Does the pos work if we use it in one of the two shops?
    • prerna
      Hello Stefan,
      Thank you for contacting us!

      The POS module does not support the multishop feature of PrestaShop. It will only work with the default shop of your PrestaShop. If you need any modifications in the module, please raise a ticket at our support ticket system or simply email us at

      Thanks & Regards,
      Prerna Arora

      • stefan
        We want it for the default store. I understand correctly that it basically makes orders like another customer and accordingly sells the goods from the inventory. So should it actually pull off the inventory in both shops?
        • prerna

          Well, we would be glad to assist you with all your POS module related queries. Kindly raise a ticket at so we can assist you in a better way.

          Thanks & Regards.

  • Henry Porsch
    Very interested in using your POS product. We have a Verifone Terminal for instore payments. We want to use that for all instore purchases. Can your product interface to the verifone terminal to input the price or, would we have to keep it has an “offline” payment system not connected to the POS? If so, we would need another payment option similar to “Cash” would we not?
    Thank you
    • prerna
      Hello Henry,

      Thanks for contacting Webkul!

      Regarding your this query, we have replied to you directly on your email address. We would request you to please check our response there and let us know your thoughts. Also, for any further queries related to our module, you can raise a ticket at our support ticket system or you can mail us at

      Good day!

      Thanks & regards,
      Prerna Arora

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