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    Prestashop Citrus Pay Payment Gateway

    Prestashop citrus pay provides customers to pay via credit/debit cards & internet banking. It aims to reduce the friction of payment & ease the process of checkouts.

    Note: The module is PSD2 Compliant.

    Features of Citrus Pay Module

    • Adds a new payment method to the store.
    • Supports multiple types of payment methods.
    • Use it in sandbox mode or Live mode.
    • Payment can be initiated from popup too i.e In Context Payments.
    • Eases the process of payment at checkouts.

    How to install the module

    1. Go to Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    2. Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    3. In this way, the module installation will be successful.
    Click to upload module
    Drop or select the module file from the system
    CitrusPay module is installed

    Configure Citrus Pay Module

    To Configure citrus pay module; enter secret key, access key & vanity URL.

    Configure citrus pay module

    There are two types of checkout mode viz. In context payment & Citrus hosted checkout.

    In context payment: In this mode, a pop-up will open to make the payment via credit/debit card or internet banking.

    Citrus Hosted Checkout: In this mode, another page opens to complete the payment.

    Steps to acquire keys

    To acquire access key, secret key & vanity URL.

    Go to Citrus Pay Merchant Signup page.

    register to citrus pay

    After successful registration at citrus pay website. Merchants can get their test keys & vanity URL.

    Citrus pay test keys


    Now, customers can pay via citrus pay payment gateway.

    Citrus pay payment at checkout page

    If the checkout mode is selected to ‘Citrus Hosted Checkout’. Then, customer will be redirected to another page to complete the payment.

    Enter your personal information to continue to payment.

    Add details

    Enter card details to pay via card.

    Citrus pay card payment

    In the case of net banking, select the bank to proceed to the bank gateway.

    citrus pay net banking

    If the checkout mode is selected to ‘In context Payment’. Then, a popup opens to complete the payment.

    A view of the popup for card payments.


    A view of the popup with an option to pay via internet banking.


    After successful transaction, the order is confirmed.

    And on order confirmation page, details of transaction number is also available.


    That was all about Prestashop Citrus Pay Payment Gateway.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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