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    Prestashop Amazon S3

    Prestashop Amazon S3 –  Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a cloud based storage system offered by Amazon Web Services.

    With our Prestashop Amazon S3 module, the site owner will have access to the highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. Using this Most Durable & Reliable Platform you can store all your dynamic data at Amazon end and ensuring an Easy and a Flexible Data Transfer

    Reduce Load on your Website Server and See your Website run smooth ! 🙂 


    • Provides a Reliable Cloud Storage Service where dynamic data from Prestashop can be stored.
    • Upload dynamic data of Prestashop on the Amazon server.
    • Download the data stored on the Amazon server.
    • Helps to Reduce load on Prestashop Website Server.
    • S3 is a very reliable service –  Hence no fear of data loss For Prestashop Admin.
    • Update links of Images entered in TinyMCE while enabling or disabling the module.
    • Store Downloadable files like that of Virtual products and store it on Amazon end.

    NOTE: Prestashop Amazon S3 module is compatible to Prestsahop version and above.

    Supported Modules

    As of now, the module is made compatible with following three Prestashop modules.

    • Prestashop banner
    • Prestashop Image Slider
    • Block Reassurance

    Which Images Will be Uploaded?

    Following Images will be Uploaded and will be stored on Amazon end once the module is enabled :

    • Product Images
    • Category Images
    • Carrier Images
    • Order Status Images
    • Language Images
    • CMS Images
    • Manufacturer Images
    • Supplier Images
    • Downloadable Products (like Virtual Product files)
    • Uploaded Files (like Attachments)


    1. Go to back office ->modules.
    2. Upload the module zip file.
    3. The module will automatically get install on your Prestashop.
    Amazon S3 installation

    Module Configuration

    Admin must receive the credentials from Amazon end.

    Upload/Download Content

    After saving the configuration settings, admin will have an Upload Button through which he can Upload all Prestashop Content (dynamic data).


    1. The Upload Process may take some time depending on the amount of content on your Prestashop Site.
    2.  Make sure you have created a backup of your data before uploading.

    Once the Upload Process is completed, a Notification message will be displayed informing the Admin that the content has been uploaded successfully.

    Remember –  At this stage the Prestashop Content is Uploaded but not deleted from Prestashop.

    Enable Amazon S3

    Once the Content has been Uploaded, then a third tab is visible on the Configuration Page Named “Enable/Disable Amazon S3”.

    When Admin clicks on Enable tab, then the Content Uploaded is deleted from Prestashop end and gets stored on Amazon Server.

    NOTE –  In case admin wants to disable or uninstall the module, then it is necessary that the content is first downloaded from S3 Server.

    On upload/download Content Tab –  Admin gets an option to download the content from Amazon Server.

    As soon as the Module is Enabled –  A new tab gets added to the Manage Amazon S3 Page –  “Update Image Link

    Update Image Link


    When the Images are uploaded on Amazon S3 server, then the images used in the TinyMCE will generate links from amazon sever.


    Now when we are disabling or uninstalling the module, we can update the image links and rewrite it with prestashop URL.

    Re-Download / Re-Upload Option


    There may be a case when Admin has Uploaded the Data but not yet Enabled –  This means the dynamic content of Prestashop is still on Prestashop.

    In This situation if admin adds / updates any new data then Admin will have an option to Re-Upload the Data so that the newly added content is sent on Amazon End.


    There may be a case when Admin has Enabled the module  –   This means the dynamic content of Prestashop has been sent on Amazon and no more exists on Prestashop end.

    Now if admin needs the data on Prestashop end we need to Download the Data. Now if admin adds / updates any new data, this will be set on Amazon end but it will not exist on Prestashop end.  Here Admin will have an option to Re-Download the Data so that the newly added dynamic content comes at prestashop end also.

    That’s all for Prestashop Amazon S3 module.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

    Comments (6)

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  • David

    The demo page does not work. Is there a way to test the module?

    A greeting.

    • Anuj Verma

      Thanks for showing interest in our module

      The demo is not possible for this module, as credentials required for this module to work (in test mode), have a specific time of access, then get expired.

      However, once you purchase the module and use it with the Live Credential, then you will be able to access it.

      Please go through the User Guide once and if you will have any queries then, please raise a ticket at our support ticket system or you can mail us at

      Thanks & Regards

      Anuj Verma

  • mauro
    Is it compatible with thirtybees?
    • Mehul Gupta
      Our modules are currently not tested on thirtybees and are fully compatible with Prestashop only. The modules may work on thirtybees but we do not take guarantee for the same. For any further developments or updates regarding the same, please raise a ticket at and we will assist you on the same.

      Thanks & Regards

  • devads
    Does it keep images on PS side ?
    • amit kushwaha

      Greetings from the Webkul!

      By default, you cannot save the images at Prestashop end but you can download the data from the Amazon server as a backup.
      Please read this- heading in the blog for better understanding.

      If you have any further query then feel free to create a ticket at our support ticket system or you can mail us at

      Thanks again,

      Have a good day ahead!

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